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The Bridge Forum Dialogue on air with BCE

The Bridge Forum Dialogue selected Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) for the live production and live streaming of its conference “The Economic And Monetary Union By Stages”.

The Bridge Forum Dialogue is a non-profit organization established in Luxembourg, which serves as a platform for interdisciplinary debates. It aims at linking, on the one side, the European institutions established in Luxembourg and, on the other side, the actors, and institutions of Luxembourg financial, economic, and legal life.

Using the existing Chamber of Commerce studio installed by BCE, a European leader in media services, system integration and software development, the Bridge Forum Dialogue benefited from an advanced conference system, 4K production, lights, and high-quality audio systems. In addition, the studio was customized to the customer branding both in term of design and multimedia items.

Regarding the web interface, BCE created the live streaming page, following the customer’s graphic chart and including the full schedule of the event.

“Our services cover all the needs of our customers, ranging from preparation of the event, putting the content online, creating the web interface, producing the event with all the teams, cameras, lights to the live streaming of the event thanks to a rock-solid platform.” Explains Laurent Seve, Marketing Manager at BCE.

With a global footprint of more than 60 countries watching the live streaming it was paramount to have an infrastructure which ensured the seamless experience for the viewers. To do so, Freecaster, a subsidiary of BCE, has an extended CDN (Content Delivery Network) with key partners as well as an advanced player which features adaptative bitrate to allow viewers to follow the live stream regardless of their connection speed.

“Producing and live streaming seamless conferences is our strength. While our team was focusing on the delivery of a high-quality program, our state-of-art platform allowed the seamless delivery of the video to thousands of viewers on a global scale.” Concludes Xavier Thillen, Head of Production & Digital Media Operations at BCE.

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