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Grabyo and InPlayer join forces to provide digital content monetization

The partnership will enable sports properties to recoup lost revenue using premium video content.

Grabyo, a cloud-based video platform for production and distribution and InPlayer, a monetization and subscription management platform, have partnered to offer sports clubs, leagues and federations a solution to recoup lost revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This joint solution will enable sports leagues, clubs and federations to generate a simple and cost effective D2C revenue stream using premium digital content.

Using InPlayer, digital and content teams can now directly deploy a paywall over video or provide a subscription service using content distributed through Grabyo.

Using Grabyo, live broadcasts and/or VOD content is produced and distributed to any major online video player (OVP) within an app or online, which is then protected by a white-labelled solution by InPlayer for a fully-branded consumer experience.

Using both platform’s cloud-native tools, content production, distribution and management can be done remotely and collaboratively, from anywhere in the world. Content can be syndicated across a range of destinations and platforms.

During 2020, while content consumption increased across the board, the biggest winners have been those in the sports industry who have been able to add value with ‘behind-the-scenes’ and exclusive content. Consumers have shown a willingness to pay for content tailored to their interests.

Deploying a subscription offer, using Grabyo and InPlayer, will mean that any publisher will have full control over their offering and be able to adapt rapidly to consumer demand – from content to pricing and delivery.

“We’re excited to bring this partnership to market and begin working with sports publishers to drive new revenue and develop exciting premium content strategies for fans,” commented Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO. “It’s an exciting time for content production, with demand higher than ever. Fans are calling out for bespoke and exclusive content, and are willing to pay.”

“This alliance re-defines how live sports events and VOD content can be produced and monetized,” said George Meek, InPlayer CEO. “We’re thrilled to bring sports publishers new opportunities to drive revenue and exceed expectations with fans-first video experiences for audiences tuning in around the globe.”

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