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Univision delivers extensive live digital coverage of the historic 2020 US election by partnering with Grabyo

The broadcaster leveraged Grabyo’s tools to offer highly accessible video coverage from election day to inauguration for US Hispanic audiences.

During the historic 2020 US election, Univision, the leading media company serving Hispanic America, leveraged cloud video platform Grabyo to ensure that its Hispanic audience had complete access to election updates and news.

Throughout each rapid news cycle surrounding the election, from polling day through to President Joe Biden’s inauguration, Grabyo’s production tools were a central component of Univision’s comprehensive digital coverage. The News team used both Grabyo Producer for live production & streaming, as well as Grabyo Studio for real-time clipping & sharing.

Univision’s multi-platform coverage was optimized for each social media destination, from vertical Instagram Stories to live broadcasts and clips on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Audiences were able to access news across their preferred channels at any time, generating over 77 million video views on Univision’s social content.

With new stories breaking rapidly, Univision used Grabyo’s clipping tools to bring every moment of the election period to its audiences on social media as they were happening. During pivotal moments of the election, Univision broadcasted live coverage on its social channels, giving audiences access from anywhere with the help of Grabyo.

On election day, Univision delivered eight hours of continuous live coverage on its social media channels using Grabyo. On Facebook, its live coverage generated over 4.5 million views, while over 3 million people tuned in to watch President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The broadcaster also delivered its live daily round-up show, Edición Digital, to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Univision NOW and YouTube every day using Grabyo, reaching over 325K viewers on a daily basis.

“As the No. 1 trusted news source for U.S. Hispanics, we have a great responsibility to offer reliable news and information, especially during these critical times. Grabyo´s platform allowed us to continue creating digital-first content and providing the national and local news that our community relies on,” said Jose Angel Gonzalo, senior director and managing editor of Digital News at Univision. “It is crucial to keep offering breaking news and live content directly to our audiences anywhere, at any time. Now that people increasingly turn to social media for news, we were able to ramp up our production quickly, covering every angle and delivering content directly into social media feeds using Grabyo.”

“We are proud to play our part in enabling Univision to deliver such a vital service to US audiences,” added Mike Kelley, President of Americas at Grabyo. “Univision has long been a leader in innovating its offerings with fresh content formats across social media. Bringing deeper levels of accessibility, but also providing new ways for audiences to engage with news content, sets Univision apart as an innovative news broadcaster.”

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