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Jupiter Pro League now also on “MyCujoo”, “OneFootball” and LIVENow thanks to international agreement with Eleven and MEDIAPRO

The Jupiler Pro League has secured new international exposure with leading streaming platforms MyCujoo, OneFootball and LIVENow. As a result of the MEDIAPRO brokered deals, Belgian club football will now be available in major European markets including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Since the start of their Belgian football collaboration in summer 2020, Eleven Sports and the Pro League have been committed to driving innovation across their partnership, including in their approach to international distribution. They have partnered with Mediapro, an expert player on the global stage in sports rights management, to lead this distribution effort. Mediapro last week secured an agreement with ESPN to bring the Belgian league to fans throughout the Americas and the Oceania region.

Eleven Sports, MEDIAPRO, and the Pro League are now going one step further in the international distribution of Belgian club football. This groundbreaking agreement capitalizes on the network of Eleven Sports and its parent company, the sports and media investment platform Aser Ventures. MyCujoo was acquired by the Eleven Sports Group in November 2020 and OneFootball is part of Aser Ventures’ leading portfolio of sports and media companies. Eleven Sports Belgum and OneFootball also collaborated in 2019/20, to bring fans pay-per-view access to Eleven’s European football rights.

MyCujoo is a global streaming platform, delivering thousands of hours of LIVE sport to tens of millions of fans. OneFootball is a world leading football media platform, providing fans with a comprehensive football content offering that includes live-streaming, videos, breaking news, live scores, data and stats. LIVENow brings sports, concerts, workouts, stand-up comedy, inspirational speakers and more to screens around the world.

Through these new partnerships, Eleven Sports and the Pro League are responding to a the growing trend towards digital consumeption of LIVE sport via streaming services.

Through these new partnerships, the Pro Lleague is responding to a strongly growing tendency among sports fans to consume sports content digitally via streaming services. Thanks to the agreement with MyCujoo and OneFootball, all matches of the Jupiler Pro League will now also be available in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Scandinavia and Ireland.

Until the Play Offs, access to the matches will be free on both platforms, after which a pay-per-view model will be applied.

Guillaume Collard, Managing Director ELEVEN Belgium and Luxembourg and Chief Rights Acquisitions Officer Eleven Sports Group: “As part of our ‘Home of Belgian Football’ project, we want to offer Belgian club football an even greater international image. The agreements with our partners MyCujoo and OneFootball are an integral part of this strategy we share with the Pro League. In addition, we want to continue to respond to the evolutions in sports consumption among sports enthusiasts. More digital, more fragmentary. Again, the collaborations with MyCujoo and OneFootball indicate support.”

Oliver Seibert, Sports Rights Manager at MEDIAPRO: “Our international distribution strategy is based on trusted partnerships with specialized broadcasters in the territories. We really look for long term solutions that fit the growth potential of the Pro League. At the same time, we are also very much adapting to the new rules of consumption behavior. In this sense, we really value our partnership with Eleven, the Pro League and its clubs, who have all proven to be on the forefront of innovation in how they connect with their consumer base. Through this new collaboration with MyCujoo and OneFootball, we also bring the knowledge and experience of two frontrunners in digital distribution models that are adapted to individual needs and preferences and it goes without saying we are very excited about this partnership”.

Leander Monbaliu (Pro League): “In Belgium, the reach of Belgian football is already historically large thanks to the collaboration with Eleven Sports. In addition, efforts are being made to create innovative partnerships – just think of KBC Goal Alerts – and technology that benefits the fan experience – such as the greater focus on data. Internationally, we follow the same recipe with Eleven Sports and Mediapro: through technology and platforms that make it possible for fans to customize the offer to their preference, we are expanding our audience and we can make our clubs more visible internationally.”

Pedro Presa, Group Chief D2C Officer ELEVEN Sports Group and MyCujoo co-founder: “As part of the ELEVEN family, we’re delighted to provide elite football to both passionate fans of Belgian football and those being introduced to the ProLeague’s storied and historic clubs for the first time on MyCujoo. Our tens of millions of users are football fanatics who don’t just watch the teams they love, but up to 82% enjoy live streams from clubs, leagues, and competitions played outside their own territory. With a proven history of helping broaden fan bases by bringing teams ever closer to their supporters, we’re ready to play a key role in further internationalising the image of Belgian club football.”

Lucas von Cranach, CEO and founder of OneFootball: “The Belgian Pro League is an innovative and exciting league and we’re thrilled to be able to bring fans across Europe closer to the action through OneFootball. Our flexible and convenient approach to in-app live streaming in combination with our very young and highly engaged userbase of football fanatics will provide new opportunities and increased awareness for the competition in some of OneFootball’s key markets. Watching Belgian top football has never been so easy, and we look forward to working closely with all partners involved.

Peter Leible, Head of Sport, LIVENow: “We’re delighted to partner with our sister company Eleven Sports to showcase the best of Belgian club football to our audiences across Europe. The Pro League is an exciting addition to our growing portfolio of sports content and we’re excited to get started.”

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