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EasyBroadcast Explores the Future of Video Streaming at TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021

EasyBroadcast, a leading provider of end-to-end streaming solutions and technologies for TV channels, OTT service providers, and enterprises, today announced that the company will bring its expertise, thought leadership, and deep insights on the latest streaming technologies to TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021.

During the virtual event, Mohsen Haddad, chief revenue officer, offered his views on how the COVID-19 health crisis has impacted the video streaming industry. Alex Beach, vice president of business and product development, joined a panel discussion sharing his views on new technologies driving the future of TV. EasyBroadcast also presented a “Hot Topic” chat session for attendees that outlines practical strategies to ease the burden on video delivery networks and lower delivery costs.

“Video streaming is seeing explosive growth, and viewers’ expectations are shifting,” said Haddad. “TVOT Live! presents a great platform to highlight the important changes happening across the video streaming industry.”

Haddad’s session, “How COVID-19 Will Change the Streaming Wars,” examined how COVID-19 has changed television and predicts the changes that will persist after the crisis is over.The session addressed how television consumption has evolved, outlined the options for ad-supported TV, and revealed the biggest revenue opportunities for content creators and distributors in 2021. Haddad brang more than 15 years of experience in the telecom and IT industries to this discussion.

Beach’s session explored “The Technologies That Will Drive the TV of Tomorrow — and Those That Won’t,” predicting emerging technologies and platforms set to have the biggest impact on television and video in the future, along with how and why. In addition to highlighting technologies with disruptive potential, panelists identified those that they believe are being overhyped.

EasyBroadcast offered TVOT LIVE! attendees a fireside chat session with Haddad and Beach, moderated by Paolo Pescatore, founder and tech, media, and telco analyst at PP Foresight.

TVOT LIVE! Spring 2021 is a virtual event that brings together industry leaders who are driving innovation in video streaming, advanced advertising, and beyond. During the event, speakers share unique, insider insights into their work and the strategic thinking that guides it, as well as their visions for television’s future.

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