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Medialogy Broadcast Introduces ArcPaaS Archiving Platform as a Service

London, UK, May 20th, 2021 – Medialogy Broadcast announces an innovation in media archiving with the introduction of ArcPaaS (Archiving Platform as a Service). Designed for broadcast-related users such as TV channels, production studios and post-production facilities, Medialogy's ArcPaaS can be configured as an on-premises subscription platform, a secure cloud networked archive or a hybrid of the two.

“ArcPaaS offers media companies a very high level of flexibility in the style and scale of their data archive,” comments Ananth Sam, Medialogy Broadcast’s Sales Director. “Customers who like to keep their master data archive storage on-premises can subscribe to as much capacity as they need for their current level of business while retaining the freedom to expand at any time in the future. The system itself is based on Disk Archive’s ALTO servers which we chose for their proven reliability, high transfer speed and space efficiency. Customers can alternatively send their content securely to and from ALTO servers located at a secure offsite data centre with the ability to lease more storage capacity at any time. Connectivity is available via file transfer accelerator agents or secure FTP.”

Disk Archive ALTO 24-slot data storage platform.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Medialogy Broadcast in this new venture,” adds Alan Hoggarth, Disk Archive’s Managing Director. “Media archivists throughout the world want a secure and efficient alternative to worn-out LTO libraries but with a 20 to 30 year life rather than the three to five year life they associate with IT-based storage products. ALTO is very energy efficient, powering up only when a specific drive is actually accessed. ALTO replication-based cold storage is incrementally scalable from a few terabytes to over a petabyte in each 4 RU enclosure to track client demand as it grows.”

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