Viaccess-Orca Inks System Integrator Agreement with Divitel

Based in the Netherlands, Divitel has over 20 years of experience as a solutions provider for all things video, offering cutting-edge technologies, end-to-end deployment support, and continuous data-driven operational improvements for pay-TV operators and service providers.

“Our goal is to work towards achieving superfast, low risk, and future-proof convergence between our customers’ networks and their advanced video services. By combining our unified video SI expertise, AI-driven data strategy, automation, and Divitel’s NOC, together with VO’s multiple state-of-the-art, proven products, we look forward to shortening the delivery time of flexible and robust converged solutions. This partnership is an important step in our mission to form strategic alliances with different video solutions vendors,” said Reuven Elmalem, Director of Service Strategy and Business Development EMEA at Divitel.


“Partnering with Divitel is a strategic decision that increases our competitive advantage across EMEA in project life cycle management, managed operations, and maintenance,” said Pierre-Alexandre Bidard, Vice President, Partnership and Product Security at Viaccess-Orca. “Teaming up with Divitel will help pay-TV operators quickly launch revenue-generating TV Everywhere offerings with a high quality of service.”

VO’s global network of system integrators is designed to deliver the best OTT and TV experience to operators through the company’s enhanced solutions, including its Service Delivery Platform, multi-DRM, recommendation engine, analytics, secure video player, Anti-Piracy Center, and more.

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FOR-A Offering Extended Warranties on FA Series’ Processors and HVS Series’ Switchers in U.S

As of the first of August, all FOR-A FA series signal processors will have an additional four years on their current one-year warranty, resulting in a full five-year warranty. All FOR-A HVS series video switchers will have two years added to their current one-year warranty, resulting in a three year-warranty.

The extended warranty includes:

  • Free product firmware updates for the life of the product, whether in or out of the warranty period.
  • Coverage transfer to the new owner at no cost should you sell your product
  • Parts and labor with any defect under normal operating conditions
  • Free technical support via phone or email for the life of the product, whether in or out of the warranty period.

To register for an extended warranty dealers and customers can contact their local FOR-A sales representative with their contact information, product name and serial number.

Terms of the extended warranty apply to all FA and HVS series products sold by FOR-A Corporation of America.

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Two new lenses from Cooke Optics make Worldwide debut at IBC2019

The new S7/i Full Frame Plus T2.0 16mm prime lens is currently the widest focal length lens in the S7/i range of lenses, designed for shooting Full Frame — including up to at least the full sensor area of the RED Weapon 8K (46.31mm image circle), as well as the Sony VENICE full frame digital motion picture camera system and the ARRI ALEXA LF large format camera system.

The new Anamorphic/i 135mm Full Frame Plus T2.3 joins the Anamorphic/i prime lens range bringing The Cooke Look to large format productions with anamorphic characteristics, including flare and oval bokeh

These two new lenses and more will be available to view on the Cooke stand (12.D10) at IBC2019.

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The Pan American Games, live on YouTube for the first time ever

As international rights manager, MEDIAPRO has reached an agreement with YouTube to broadcast the Lima 2019 Pan American Games live for the first time ever via the online video platform. The MEDIAPRO channel ( will bring all the emotion the competition has to offer to fans throughout the world (except the Americas and Turkey), providing a 24/7 broadcast to ensure viewers won’t miss a minute.

Up until the 11th of August, the official MEDIAPRO YouTube channel will come to you live from Lima, televising the biggest events in America’s largest multi-disciplinary sporting competition, with more than 6,000 athletes taking part across 39 sports and 62 disciplines.


Just a few days into the broadcast, the content from the Lima 2019 Pan American Games has already totalled 200,000 impressions and 400,000 minutes of watch time. Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia head the list for the most views by country.

This alliance was all made possible thanks to the Peruvian Olympic Committee assigning the rights, trusting MEDIAPRO’s vast experience in managing channels on the video platform. The group has been in charge of producing LaLiga’s YouTube channels since 2012 and has been behind live broadcasts of huge tournaments including the UEFA Champions League, the Copa del Rey or the Brasileirao.

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Anevia Adds Full Dynamic Ad Insertion Capabilities to its End-to-End OTT Video-Delivery Offering

Anevia’s end-to-end OTT video-delivery offering already included ad-enabling and ad-preparation components. With the addition of ad-stitching and ad-routing capabilities in the Anevia NEA-CDN, the end-to-end video-delivery offering now comes with a complete pre-integrated DAI solution – reducing the need for testing, and making deployment faster and simpler.

A report by the US-based Video Advertising Bureau estimates that 71 per cent of internet users access an OTT service at least once a month, nearly one third of subscribers possessing three or more means of accessing OTT content (an eight-fold increase in just two years). Advertising is estimated to comprise 45 per cent of all online video revenue and is forecast to grow to almost 60 per cent in the next 10 years.*

“We are seeing a major growth in demand for dynamic ad insertion facilities right across the OTT video market,” comments Anevia CEO Laurent Lafarge. “Advertisement revenue forms an important element of the OTT funding structure but content publishers are still experiencing a huge level of waste in the form of valueless advertising. DAI creates an immediate new revenue potential. As an example, TV operators can derive two separate revenue streams from commercials shown on TV and those shown on multiscreen.”


“Anevia has already deployed its DAI solution with five of our customers using our OTT video-delivery infrastructure,” adds Anevia co-founder and CTO Damien Lucas. “We now offer a complete server-side solution that is able to defeat ad blockers and ensure a smooth user experience. It can also prepare ads offline by using the resources made available during low traffic peaks thanks to Anevia’s elastic CDN solution, which can scale down when demand is low.”

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SnappyTV – the end is near

“This has been coming for a while. Twitter had previously announced that some of the features from SnappyTV would be rolled into the new Media Studio service. The challenge for many broadcasters and publishers is that they distribute to multiple platforms at the same time, and speed and flexibility are important.

Media consumption habits and social video formats have evolved significantly since Twitter acquired SnappyTV in 2014. Audiences are now multi-platform, multi-device and expect content to be tailored for each of those platforms. SnappyTV required publishers deliver to Twitter first, and then other platforms afterward – which may not be the right strategy for all. Publishers need to engage audiences in real-time across all the platforms they live on.

There is a need to deliver high quality, premium content to multiple digital platforms that are optimized for viewing on mobile. Audiences want video in vertical, square and horizontal formats. Longer-form content works best on YouTube, while IGTV videos need to be vertical. Speed and flexibility matter for effective content publishing.

If rights holders cannot be the first to deliver quality content to their audience, in a format they prefer and on a platform they want, someone else will.  Social platforms tend to reward those who get there first. If content is king, then distribution is now queen. Flexibility and speed matter, not just for Twitter but for all social media platforms.”
Gareth Capon CEO at Grabyo.

ATEME Trails Watermarking Solution at International Football Event

The proof of concept used BISS-CA, an enhanced, secured standard of the BISS protocol with dynamic rolling keys support for encryption, to help broadcasters in the fight against piracy during a three-day trial at the event. BISS-CA managed the In-Band assets and added forensic watermarking to mark each decoder output so that after transcoding broadcasters could determine the origin of a leak, if it occurred.

“Together with ATEME, we have successfully shown that it is possible to enhance the security of live content during major events using an open, interoperable standard developed by the EBU. This, of course, is an asset for us as it will enable us to protect our client’s live content and ensure that it is only delivered to those who should have access to the content,” said Oscar Teran, Head of Technology & Development.


Julien Mandel, Contribution Segment Manager, ATEME added: “We are proud to assist Eurovision Services in demonstrating the protection of video streams delivered as part of international events. As a co-founder and early adopter of BISS-CA, we are expertly placed to propose different watermarking solutions to suit the needs of broadcasters and ensure their content is delivered securely.”

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