VITEC Announces 4K/Multichannel HD HEVC Contribution Encoder in an openGear Card Format

The modular and open-architecture platform from Ross Video makes for easy integration within production studios and broadcast facilities requiring robust streaming output. The scalable and flexible solution can deliver up to 10 UHD channels or 40 HD channels in a 2RU, as well as the flexibility to mix and match with compatible OG cards such as the MGW Ace Decoder OG. On stand 7.C34 at IBC2019, VITEC will provide a 4K encoding demonstration of the new solution.

“Last year at IBC, we introduced our MGW Diamond Encoder, bringing customers a powerful, lightweight encoder for applications requiring 4K or multichannel streaming support in a small form factor,” said Richard Bernard, Senior Product Manager at VITEC. “This year, we have expanded the options and versatility available within our family of HEVC appliances. Whether organizations need the portable MGW Diamond Encoder that meets stringent size, weight, and power demands or the openGear card for easy integration within production studios, broadcast facilities, or enterprise IT rooms, both encoders can deliver 4K HDR or multiple HD HEVC streams with low latency and high video quality.”


The versatile MGW Diamond OG enables point-to-point and point-to-multipoint streaming for demanding video applications within broadcast, sports, enterprise, and federal markets. The MGW Diamond OG is ready for UHD, capturing and streaming 4Kp60 video from either its 4x3G-SDI or 12G-SDI inputs. The card supports 4:2:2 10-bit encoding; multichannel audio encoding as well as Zixi™; and Pro-MPEG and SRT transport protection technology for reliable video, audio, and metadata transmission over lossy network.

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IP Showcase Announces Its Theatre Presentation Lineup for IBC2019

The IP Showcase Theatre lineup for IBC2019 was announced and it features more than 50 speakers and panelists covering a full range of IP video and audio technologies and applications over the five-day program. Sponsored by a consortium of industry partners — the Audio Engineering Society (AES), the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), and the Video Services Forum (VSF) — the IP Showcase has become a must-see attraction at IBC for anyone involved with the transition from SDI to IP, and the IP Showcase Theatre is the hub of education for the event.

“In 2019, SMPTE ST 2110, AMWA NMOS, and related technologies are gaining widespread traction across a number of user communities. As users gain more experience with IP media networks, the IBC2019 edition of the IP Showcase Theatre is a great opportunity for attendees to learn from their experiences,” said Brad Gilmer, IP Showcase executive director. “We’ll have dozens of experts giving presentations and demonstrations throughout the show, and there will be several case studies of actual deployments — all to help people as they transition their facilities to IP. It is a great learning opportunity, and it is open to all attendees at IBC.”

The IP Showcase Theatre at IBC2019 will feature more than a dozen end-user case studies, including:

  • BBC’s new headquarters in Cardiff, Wales, featuring an “IP Live Core” of SMPTE ST 2110, AES67, and Dante.
  • Eurosports’ Technology Transformation, which will provide two private clouds using SMPTE ST 2110 and AES67 for playout of hundreds of live channels in 22 languages.
  • FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, the largest uncompressed IP remote production to date.
  • Telstra’s advanced IP-based live sports production network that stretches across Australia.

The schedule also includes three panel discussions, which will provide a lively forum for examining key aspects of IP media technologies and allow audience members to interact with industry experts. Hosting the sessions will be Matthew Goldman, senior vice president of technology for MediaKind; Thomas Bause Mason, director of standards development for SMPTE; and Ciro Aloisio Noronha, director of technology for Cobalt Digital Inc.

Dozens of other industry experts will describe current and forthcoming industry standards and best practices for IP media systems. Topics include all aspects of SMPTE ST 2110, AES67 audio technologies, IEEE 1588 PTP, AMWA NMOS IS-04 through IS-10, and JT-NM TR-1001-1. IP networking technology experts also will be on hand to discuss buffering, timing, system architecture, clouds, microservices, and best current practices for system control and security.

Speakers will be available to answer questions at the close of each 30-minute session. This program, curated by the VSF, will also be recorded and made available online after IBC2019 closes. The full slate of IP Showcase Theatre programming is available at

The IP Showcase will once again be held in Rooms E106/E107 at the RAI Amsterdam during IBC2019, Sept. 13-17.


Finepoint Broadcast Team Gears for IBC 2019

Key personnel attending will include Giles Bendig (Managing Director), Clive Northen (Hire Manager), David Gill (Broadcast Sales Manager), Andrew McKenzie (Chief Engineer) and Nico Iriate (Hire Coordinator).

“IBC continues to be worthwhile for face-to-face networking and as a venue in which to try out products from upcoming innovators,” Giles Bendig comments. “It is also useful for experiencing new technical developments before these are tested in the competitive marketplace. Production companies tend to have the strongest interest in new technology because shooting high-budget content in the best possible quality always makes long-term sense.”


“A lot of companies in the OB sector are making their plans for the 2020 round of sports,” adds Clive Northen. “Next year is going to be very busy with the UEFA Euro 2020 and the Summer Olympics in Japan along with our already contracted business for the UK domestic market. Will we be discussing potential additions to our hire fleet with vendors at IBC and also meeting with some of our biggest clients at the show. Interest in 4K-UHD continues to grow both because it is becoming more affordable and as it has obvious advantages for long-term archiving.”


“The ability to make HD cutouts from 4K is attracting growing interest among production companies,” comments Andrew McKenzie. “The recommended technique is to capture a sports match by streaming two matched side-by-side 4K camera feeds to a control room which can be located a few metres away or on another continent. Sourcing HD cutouts from 8K is a much more attractive option than dual 4K as you only need a single camera and a single delivery channel. No synchronisation issues and no need for graphic stitching. I hope at least one of of the major camera manufacturers will pick up on this application at IBC.”


“We will also be looking at the latest developments in product areas such as OB camera lenses, camcorders, production servers and post production equipment,” says David Gill. “IBC is also great opportunity for direct meetings with suppliers and potential as well as existing customers.”

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RIST Forum to Host Free Session at IBC2019

The RIST Forum will host a free “Lunch and Learn,” followed by presentations and panel discussions, on Monday, 16 September, at IBC2019 in Amsterdam. The RIST Forum is an independent association focused on promoting the open, interoperable, and technically robust RIST protocol for the delivery of low-latency live video over unmanaged networks.

The session will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about RIST and its potential for live video delivery. Starting with the “Lunch and Learn,” where RIST experts will be on hand to discuss the forum and protocol, the day will also feature presentations and a panel discussion from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elemental, Cobalt Digital, DVEO, Net Insight, Open Broadcast Systems, VideoFlow, and Zixi.

Topics will include the RIST Main Profile, encryption, high-end live media workflows, delivery of content to tens of millions of people using RIST, as well as how RIST and the cloud are transforming content distribution and the future of the format.

“RIST is all about the combination of interoperability and innovation, giving the broadcast industry a simple yet highly effective method for interchanging professional signals between different vendors,” explained Alexander Sandström, co-chair of the RIST Forum. “RIST has the potential to solve a lot of the complexity with live media workflows.”


“This session is about educating attendees about RIST and its potential, helping them determine whether they should be implementing it in their own workflows,” added Jacob Kinsey, co-chair of the RIST Forum. “We are taking the same collaborative approach with the RIST day at IBC as the technical activity group has done when developing the RIST specification. Speakers and panelists are from a wide range of companies, and all sessions are interactive and to give everyone a chance to meet and discuss with the experts and innovators behind RIST.”

RIST has been developed jointly by a group of experts, combining real-world experience into defining workable specifications. Technical recommendations are posted from the Video Services Forum (VSF), an independent group of vendors, end-users, and service providers.

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UEI Brings Smarter Living to IBC 2019

Universal Electronics Inc., a worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, will be showing its latest products and demonstrating its range of innovative, intelligent solutions designed to bridge the home entertainment and smart home ecosystems at IBC 2019 in Hall 1, stand C41.


Highly favored by customers and partners for several years now, UEI will showcase its latest Designovation product ideas that demonstrate UEI’s unique ability to blend user experience, consumer trends and innovative technology, which lies at the heart of UEI’s product strategy of consolidating home entertainment control and smart home applications into one seamless user experience. For this IBC 2019 edition, UEI will deliver a uniquely meaningful and personal digital lifestyle experience, by leveraging the latest technology advances in context awareness and hyper-personalization, while capitalizing on UEI’s voice and latest adaptive control innovations, to discover, recognize, and interact with smart devices and sensors within the home.


For the first time in Europe, UEI will also welcome customers and partners in a dedicated showroom to experience the Nevo® Butler platform. Nevo Butler is an end-to-end voice-enabled smart home hub with a built-in white label digital assistant that unifies entertainment control and home automation experiences, enabling interoperability across highly fragmented ecosystems. Built-in entertainment control capabilities and smart home hub features, powered by QuickSet® Cloud, make this device a versatile assistant for the home, capable of addressing a wide range of the current installed base of devices in consumers’ homes, offering multiple use cases and innovative new service opportunities for service providers expanding in the smart home segment.

Menno Koopmans, SVP for Global Sales and Marketing at Universal Electronics Inc. said “This year at IBC, attendees who come to visit our booth will see, not only our industry’s leading entertainment control solutions but will also discover the award-winning Nevo Butler platform, a unique platform that delivers on our vision of simplifying the user experience and bringing entertainment control and smart home systems into one unified solution.”

“Only a company like UEI, leveraging unrivaled success in creating and deploying innovative and intelligent AV system control solutions, can bring a platform like Nevo Butler to market. I am excited to bring this platform to our customers and discuss the multiple opportunities we see in our industry to expand and monetize new services in the smart home domain.” added Koopmans.

Another key demonstration of UEI’s industry-leading voice platforms is highlighted in its new line-up of Android TV remote controls. With Android TV becoming a real force in the broadcasting value chain, UEI has deployed a broad range of advanced voice remote platforms to meet the demands of this fast-evolving market. Among the platforms being highlighted during IBC 2019, UEI’s new premium Android TV remote is taking a central role, as UEI’s flagship Android TV voice platform, featuring a USB-C rechargeable port and a unique contextual backlight approach (Adaptive Control), enhancing the Android TV experience and making OTT easy to use for a wide range of Pay TV audiences.

Visit the UEI team in Hall 1,  stand C41 at IBC2019 at RAI, Amsterdam 13-17 September 2019.

IBC 2019 Newsmedia Invitation from PlayBox Neo

Pavlin Rahnev (CEO), Stanislav Petkov (CTO), Van Duke (US Director of Operations, Peter Petrov (Head of Marketing) and colleagues from PlayBox Neo offices around the world.

Cloud2TV channel branding and playout software. Fast and easy to deploy, it gives network operators the freedom to scale their activities with unprecedented precision while side-stepping the cost of holding reserve equipment on standby. Cloud2TV is also the perfect platform on which to deploy a recovery center without the rental and staffing costs entailed in equipping and operating an off-site facility.

Also the latest updates to the established PlayBox Neo Channel-in-a-Box system. Building on 20 years of successful innovation, PlayBox Neo broadcast products and cloud solutions today power over 18,500 TV and branding channels in more than 120 countries. Users include national and international broadcasters, start-up TV channels, webcasters, interactive TV and music channels, film channels, remote TV channels, corporate information channels and disaster recovery channels.

Join us at the stand for coffee during your exploration of Hall 8, or email if you would prefer to book a specific time.

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A new era of “Zapeando”

The set will also undergo a complete revamping complete with an entirely fresh graphics line

One more season and then there were six. “Zapeando” is back, without having ever left. But this is no ordinary return as, in addition to some fresh faces around the table, the show will also feature an entirely new studio set and revamped graphics line, kicking off a whole new era with the arrival of the show’s new presenter: Dani Mateo, a man who has been yearning to make a radical change in his career and says he’ll do his best to make it work. Joining Dani will be the usual cast of contributors including Cristina Pedroche, who has promised to dedicate herself mind, body and soul to the program, provided her other commitments don’t get in the way; Anna Simón, who claims to be delighted to work with Dani and literally said, “I can finally ask him if he’s really like that or does he have someone doing it for him”; Miki Nadal, who when asked about the reunion with his former partner from “Sé lo que hicisteis” said “I’m excited, eager to see who has matured less”; Quique Peinado, revealed that this season he will refrain from wearing shirts that spark epileptic fits and Lorena Castell, who has sworn to do everything for “Zapeando” at least until something better comes along.


The magazine brought to you from the desktops at LaSexta and produced by Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will also continue to enjoy weekly visits from our very own special dandy and elegance guru, Josie, and Marián, Garcia’s Pharmacy with her somewhat off-beat clinic.

But, there’s more. The show will feature some new faces including actor Jesús Vidal, who’s weekly hand-picked news section will provide audiences with a more optimistic outlook on the world we live in.

Isabel Zubiaurre who, in her condition as physicist, will prepare some of the very best highlights of what can happen when there’s a camera recording nearby. And, we’re especially excited about Isabel joining us at “Zapeando”, as we’ll finally have someone on the team with a college education.

Valeria Ros will be our test pilot in the world of online shopping and, consequently, the battle between expectations and reality in a section we’ve named “What you order, and what you get in the post”.

Santiago Alverú joins us in the role of audience ombudsman who will receive complaints, questions and opinions from viewers about every TV program…except ours.

Maya Pixelskaya loves history. So, that’s why we’ve asked her to talk to us about the future and, using videos, help us to answer the question on everyone’s mind.. Why can’t kitchen robot chefs clean up after themselves?

Gotxon Mantuliz, adventurer and animal lover will guide us through the fascinating world of pets.

Our musical expertise will be provided by rapper El Chojin and we’ll be demanding the greatest feat that could be requested of any rapper; avoid serious talk at all costs.

And finally, Javier Cansado will visit us every week to do what he only he can do best: play Javier Cansado.

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