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MEDIANTEK community questions

[Sports] We are facing cloud and non-cloud offers for remote production and remote voice-over, is it possible to have an enlightened opinion of both models?

[Video] We have seen many OTT providers with the promise of consumer oriented solutions, but what about the backstage, how can we manage the content in terms of rights, licences, distribution, etc?

[Platforms] While we have many tools giving us a clear view on visitors behavior, how can we have one tool to monitor and understand what is happening within the video delivery network?

[New media] TV, OTT, websites, but what about social networks, is there a way to manage our content and have a clear view on its efficiency on these platforms?

[TV Broadcast] Virtualization seems to be an interesting trend, but what will be the investments to consider, and will we have to change our teams to IT profiles?

[Consumers] We have been advertising our brands on TV during many years, reaching the consumers at home. With the rise of “paid” streaming platforms, how can we continue to address the market with our products?

MEDIANTEK community answers

Recent answers:

[Live TV] With the pandemic, we have difficulties managing on-site presence, how could we upgrade our workflow to allow remote work, especially for live production, voice over, graphics? Read the answer

[Events industry] Our company ensures the live streaming of key events. While we are able to provide quality streams for many shows, we are facing issues with quality during major events, how can we adapt our workflow? Read the answer

[Sports Industry] How to avoid extra bandwidth costs and reduce latency while live streaming our events? Read the answers

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