ChyronHego Announces Key Appointment of Ariel Garcia as CEO

ChyronHego today announced the appointment of Ariel Garcia as CEO, effective today.

Garcia will drive ChyronHego’s expanding focus on product innovation driven by customer requirements. He joined ChyronHego as a board member in 2015, following a strategic investment from Vector Capital, and stepped into the business as president of broadcasting at the end of 2018.

Garcia has a long trajectory of driving growth and operational enhancements for technology companies. Since 2014, he has served as operating partner and head of value creation at Vector Capital. Previously, he was senior principal at The Boston Consulting Group, where he led the company’s technology, media, and telecommunications practices. Garcia holds a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and a degree in computer engineering from the Universidad Católica Argentina.

“I am thrilled to step in as CEO during this exciting growth stage for ChyronHego. Our sports intelligence and broadcasting products are top-notch, and our increasing focus and partnership with our customers will prove critical for future success,” Garcia said. “ChyronHego has a rich history as a technology innovator. With an increasing focus on customer-centricity and investment in key ecosystem partnerships, we are determined to bring the best technology, services, and value to our customers.”


“Ariel’s ability to successfully drive growth and change make him the ideal fit to lead ChyronHego’s next era. His deep expertise in applying strategy and operational improvement to boost company performance is a tremendous asset,” said Johan Apel, chairman of the board, ChyronHego. “We welcome Ariel as the head of our senior executive management team as we continue to advance our operations and bolster the ChyronHego brand globally.”

With this announcement, Marco Lopez steps down as ChyronHego’s CEO. Garcia commented: “I want to thank Marco for his leadership and contribution to ChyronHego as CEO. I had the opportunity to closely work with Marco over the past year, and I can attest to his deep understanding of the broadcast industry as well as the great professional and human being that he is. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Both Garcia and Lopez will be attending IBC2019 to discuss the transition and exciting next steps in ChyronHego’s evolution with customers and partners.

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ChyronHego Coach Paint Selected by Carlton Football Club

ChyronHego announces that Australia’s Carlton Football Club, also known as the Blues, will use ChyronHego’s Coach Paint to ensure that its players and staff stay aligned and can communicate clearly in the build-up to every game so that they are able to execute both tactically and technically.


“ChyronHego’s Coach Paint enables our analysis team to efficiently produce clips that aid in the development of our players, and it allows coaching points to be clearly reinforced. Importantly, the solution is simple to utilize and has transitioned seamlessly into our program,” said Jack Noble, Carlton Football Club analyst. “The customization of tools has enabled us to use familiar visual effects for the group. It has become an integral part of our preview and review routine.”

In 1897 the Blues were one of the eight founding member clubs of the Australian Football League (AFL, formerly known as the Victorian Football League). Carlton has historically been one of the AFL’s most successful clubs, having won 16 senior VFL/AFL premierships, tied for the most of any club.

ChyronHego Coach Paint

Ease of use and turnaround time of producing and exporting a clip made Coach Paint the telestration tool of choice for the Blues. Coach Paint helps the Blues maximize feedback before, during, and after a game, which is important in such a physical, fierce sport as Australian rules football with its substantial mix of players, personalities, and learning styles.

“Working with Carlton Football Club has been fantastic, as they have really given us open access into the everyday workflow of an AFL club,” said Craig Inness, sports performance and technology specialist, ChyronHego. “That access enabled us to further tailor our offering to their club and to the league itself.”

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ChyronHego IBC2019 Show Preview

Accelerating Producer-Driven News Workflows

ChyronHego’s CAMIO® offers an end-to-end, all-software solution for multiplatform news content creation and delivery. The CAMIO Universe drives template-based, unified news workflows and places the industry’s most powerful storytelling tools at producers’ fingertips. At the heart of the CAMIO ecosystem is ChyronHego’s award-winning CAMIO graphic asset management system.


At IBC2019, ChyronHego will highlight CAMIO’s extreme versatility and flexibility for news producers. CAMIO 4.7 includes new features for the CAMIO Interface — the company’s HTML5-based user interface for newsroom producers — such as the ability to save items, swap templates, and create streaming proxies. CAMIO now delivers enhanced support for playout using PRIME Graphics, the company’s universal graphics platform. The CAMIO Interface now includes new PRIME features such as XMP, autofill, layers, and GTC movies, and the CAMIO Rundown now enables PRIME Graphics scene playout on screens of all sizes and shapes, including studio walls. CAMIO also now includes the powerful and scalable new Media Engine architecture for rendering stills and animations in numerous media workflows to maximize every pixel.

Maximizing Every Pixel

Also, on display at IBC2019 will be version 3.5 of PRIME Graphics, which delivers a single, easy-to-use 4K- and IP-ready graphics design and playout platform for better visual storytelling — whether producers are looking to deliver a simple lower third or news ticker, a sophisticated and eye-catching video wall behind the anchor, or a touch screen that a reporter can use to illustrate the story. At IBC2019, ChyronHego will showcase a new G-Sync/command scheduler that synchronizes outputs between channels of the same server or between different servers — giving operators the seamless and scalable ability to synchronize graphic events to multiple screens.


LyricX 4.1 is the latest release of ChyronHego’s award-winning graphics creation and playout solution. At IBC2019, ChyronHego will display new features in LyricX 4.1, including enhanced auto-hide features for building more logic into a scene and an all-new advanced keyboard with flex keys that deliver ultimate flexibility with application and scene-based control. The new keyboard can be configured to support over 300 commands and supports modifier keys. LyricX now enables users to create warp clips built in Adobe After Effects and attach them to any object in the scene for highly creative transformations of a scene object’s pixels.

Supercharging Broadcast Sports

Sophisticated on-screen graphics for highlighting sports plays and illuminating the action are now a fixture of sports broadcasting, and viewers have come to expect features such as virtual first-down lines in football or replays in which analysts circle players and draw their movements on the screen. Broadcasters need tools that streamline graphics creation and deliver enhanced fan engagement while increasing sponsor visibility and revenue during live production and replays. Designed with these specific goals in mind, ChyronHego’s Paint and Virtual Placement solutions for real-time data visualization in live sports broadcasting will both be highlighted at IBC2019.


With the Paint telestration and analysis tool, broadcasters are able to generate sophisticated Illustrated Replays™ by visually analyzing game play and graphically highlighting replay clips. At IBC2019, ChyronHego will showcase key new features in Paint 8.1, such as an automatic chroma keyer for clips that will save users hours of time, as well as style and UI updates. In addition, the tool now enables ancillary data for clips and footage to be viewed on a secondary output when Paint is used as the replay device. Now controllable via mobile app, Paint gives users the ability to stream their output, tools, or UI over a network and use Paint’s open control API to power remote production.

ChyronHego’s Virtual Placement adds robust, tied-to-field virtual graphics to live productions without the need for a specialist operator, expensive camera sensors, or lengthy calibration processes. At IBC2019, ChyronHego will preview powerful new capabilities in Virtual Placement 7.3 — such as an automatic chroma keyer for live, field-based sports that completely removes the need for rekeying. An all-new, built-in Red Zone feature enables users to drive more in-game advertising for enhanced revenue generation. ChyronHego is rolling out an improved user experience with Virtual 1st. The “down and distance” application of Virtual Placement designed for American football, features add-ons in the user experience such as a two-point conversion line.


Enhancing the Stadium/Venue Experience

With ChyronHego’s Click Effects PRIME, stadiums can easily deliver AV presentations to any canvas size and any number of outputs in any resolution. At IBC2019, ChyronHego will demonstrate new features that make the product even more versatile. Click Effects PRIME now combines SDI and GPU workflows to drive more screens and aspect ratios from a single system — giving operators the seamless ability to synchronize graphic events to multiple screens. Also, the tool now offers the ability to customize control panels for ultimate interactivity with scenes designed in PRIME Designer, and users can configure Click Effects PRIME with PRIME’s output settings screen for optimal output and channel control.

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ChyronHego Coach Paint Leveraged by DC United Coaching Staff for 2019 MLS Season

Over the past two years, Coach Paint has become an integral part of DC United’s coaching strategy, enabling clear and concise delivery of key coaching points during pre- and post-game video presentations.

Designed specifically for coaches and athletes, ChyronHego’s Coach Paint tool is used by sports teams and leagues around the world to teach advanced concepts, reinforce correct technique, and simulate game situations. Coach Paint engages, illustrates, and informs with high-end telestration techniques similar to those used on professional sports broadcasts.

ChyronHego Coach Paint

DC United, a top-level club in American soccer, has won four MLS Cups and is a three-time winner of the U.S. Open Cup. DC United chose Coach Paint for its ability to create visually appealing graphics that the club can easily tailor to its unique understanding of soccer.

“We are constantly developing ways for coaches to communicate key points to our players, and the Coach Paint software has played an important role in that effort over the past two years,” said Stewart Mairs, technical director, DC United. “We use Coach Paint in virtually every first-team video session, and it enables us to be clear and concise in our messaging and feedback. On a broader level, Coach Paint is helping us reinforce the DC United philosophy of soccer play with both regular and academy players.”


James Clarke-Reed, head of sports performance and technology solutions at ChyronHego, commented, “DC United have been using Coach Paint for several seasons, and the tool is now ingrained in the coaching process for every player from youth to senior level. The club uses the software not only to produce content but also to immerse players in the analysis process interactively when providing feedback. DC United is getting the best from its players with Coach Paint.”

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ChyronHego Introduces TRACAB Gen5

ChyronHego introduced TRACAB Gen5, the newest generation of the company’s Emmy® Award-winning TRACAB optical sports tracking system. TRACAB Gen5 features significant improvements in tracking data quality and accuracy, driven by completely redesigned tracking algorithms, a richer array of camera angles, and powerful new AI features for player, number, and colour recognition.

TRACAB Gen5 uses a distributed system of cameras installed around the field of play and advanced image processing technology to capture and deliver real-time tracking data on the movements of each player, referees, and the ball. As the world’s most widely deployed optical sports tracking system, TRACAB has been installed in over 300 stadia and is currently used to capture live tracking data for more than 4,500 football/soccer and baseball games each year.

“TRACAB has always been the most accurate sports tracking system in the world, but with TRACAB Gen5 we’ve made it exponentially better,” said Rickard Öhrn, president, sports, at ChyronHego. “We’ve overhauled and improved our AI-based image detection tracking algorithms from the ground up to ensure maximum accuracy and the lowest latency. We’re combining these advanced algorithms with multiple high-resolution camera angles, which means we can deliver the highest quality data feed on the market — in real-time — and provide an even greater value for leagues, federations and teams, betting companies, broadcasters, and OTT rights holders producing virtual graphics and enhancements for better fan engagement.”

TRACAB Gen5 includes an all-new distributed camera architecture in which cameras can be deployed on both sides of the field and behind each goal to capture action from four angles. With the flexibility of the system offering multiple camera views, Gen5 is able to track every object on the field at a much higher resolution. By stitching and utilising these camera views within TRACAB’s industry-leading computer vision algorithms, Gen5 is able to deliver the highest accuracy of ball and player tracking data in the global sports market. The accuracy of player identities is further enhanced through TRACAB Gen5’s AI capabilities, which enable the system to recognize and distinguish player numbers and jersey colours from any angle. Where preferred by clients, this capability also allows for the removal of operators from on-site operations.


TRACAB Gen5 has, on request by the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL), been independently validated by the Technical University of Munich, which used the Vicon 3D motion capture system to measure the ChyronHego system’s tracking and data collection accuracy. This is the industry standard by which tracking solutions are validated in the football market. The testing revealed that TRACAB Gen5 is able to track objects on the field with an average accuracy of 7cm (relative to the centre of mass of a player) and 100% tracking completeness. Coupled with a real-time latency of below 300 milliseconds, these are the highest performance results ever achieved by any sports tracking system in the world.

On the strength of these results, the DFL is currently rolling out TRACAB Gen5 to all 36 of its Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 arenas for the 2019-2020 football season.


The robustness and scalability of this data is key for stakeholders. ChyronHego provides this service through the TRACAB Gateway, an advanced cloud-based, automated delivery engine and database. The TRACAB Gateway provides an open architecture of APIs for real-time and post-match data integration, as well as the querying of data for all stakeholders within leagues, teams, betting clients, and broadcast or OTT media.

Building further on this high level of accuracy and real-time data delivery, ChyronHego is expanding the utility of TRACAB’s deep convolutional neural network algorithms even further to deliver limb or skeletal tracking. This is done by identifying players’ key body parts, such as heads, shoulders, arms, hips, knees, heels, and toes, to enable the creation of three-dimensional skeletal movements of players. The resulting multidimensional data, accurate enough even to define the position of the tip of a striker’s foot, will be fed automatically into VAR (Video Assistant Referee) operations. This will allow offside calling decisions to be powered by instantaneous and automatic identification of situations. Additionally, this unprecedented level of data resolution and quality will be able to power many new stakeholder applications for fan-engagement and professional purposes, placing ChyronHego at the forefront of data innovation in sports.

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ChyronHego’s Coach Paint Chosen by True Bangkok United F.C.

ChyronHego announces that True Bangkok United Football Club (F.C.), one of Thailand’s most successful and popular football teams, has adopted ChyronHego’s Coach Paint for its 2019 season. True Bangkok United’s coaching staff is leveraging Coach Paint’s advanced video telestration capabilities to boost the club’s preparation for upcoming matches and enhance player performance.

“Coach Paint is an extremely important tool in our club’s preparation processes and pregame workflows, greatly increasing our analytical perspective and the understanding of players and staff. The tool’s high-quality output and ease of use really set it apart,” said Luís Viegas, First Team football match analyst and scout, True Bangkok United F.C. “Coach Paint’s animations and high-impact graphics bring clarity to our presentations and make it easier to explain the strategy for each upcoming game. And the support of the ChyronHego team, which is always available and reachable, makes a huge difference.”

Founded in 1988 as Bangkok University F.C., the club claimed the Thailand Premier League title against all odds in 2006. The club was renamed True Bangkok United F.C. in 2009 and has remained a member of the Thailand Premier League ever since. True Bangkok United has qualified twice over the past three years for the Asian Champions League, and the club’s coach, Mano Pölking, is the longest-serving coach of a single club in the history of the Thailand Premier League. The club’s current home venue is Thammasat Stadium in the city of Rangsit, Pathum Thani Province.

“Working with True Bangkok United has been a great experience, and their analysis staff has done an outstanding job integrating Coach Paint into their game-prep workflow. They’ve uncovered the benefits of using advanced telestration — using the same tools as live sports broadcasters such as Sky, ESPN, Fox, and more — to engage and inform players and illustrate key coaching points,” said Craig Inness, sports performance and technology specialist, ChyronHego. “At the same time, the team has provided insightful feedback for future product improvements. We look forward to working with True Bangkok United as they continue using Coach Paint in subsequent seasons.”

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ChyronHego Expands EMEA Sales Presence With Three Key Appointments

To support significant momentum in the EMEA market for its world-class graphics solutions, ChyronHego announced the appointment of Matt Bryan as territory sales director, together with Andy Newham and Gary Lewis as account executives. With sales oversight for all territories reporting to the U.K., Bryan will emphasize revenue growth in the U.K. and Ireland. Newham will work with Bryan on growing market share in the U.K. region with an additional focus on Italy, and Lewis will leverage his expertise in the Middle East and South Africa to grow revenues and expand opportunities in those territories. All three will be based in the company’s London office.

“Andy, Gary, and Matt are all tremendous additions to our EMEA sales operation. Each comes with many years of high-level sales and business development experience for our industry’s biggest companies, and also with keen expertise in the EMEA marketplace,” said Marco Lopez, CEO of ChyronHego. “We look forward to working with this outstanding boots-on-the-ground team to continue building our leadership in this critical region and increasing the ChyronHego footprint amongst new and existing customers.”


Andy Newham, Account Executive at ChyronHego

Andy Newham joins ChyronHego from Zixi, where he served as strategic accounts manager in the U.K. and EMEA. Prior to that, he served in similar roles for Grass Valley and Ross Video, and — as owner and managing director of MediaMex Ltd — he was a contract business development manager for Ross Video covering EMEA. Earlier in his career, Newham served in account director and regional sales manager roles for Arqiva UK Ltd., Harmonic, and Harris Corporation, and he is a former product manager for OmniBus Systems. Newham holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and psychology from Staffordshire University.


Prior to joining ChyronHego, Gary Lewis served for three years as regional sales manager, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe, for PHABRIX Limited. Prior to that, he held regional sales management and business development positions for a broad range of media technology companies throughout his 30-year career, including Riedel Communications, DataDirect Networks, Miranda Technologies, Pinnacle Systems, Autodesk, and Quantel. Lewis earned a bachelor’s degree in graphics and 3D design from the Hornsey School of Art in London.


Matt Bryan comes to ChyronHego from a position as business development director for Sohonet London. Previous to that, he worked for six years at Altered Images, first as senior business development manager and then as sales director. Bryan began his career in media and entertainment with Avid Technology, where he served for 11 years in positions including key account manager and key account director. He holds an accounting degree, with the designation of Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, from Nottingham Trent University.

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