Embrionix Enables High-Density J2K IP Processing With Miniaturized emSFP

At IBC2019, stand 8.B37, Embrionix will unveil a miniaturized J2K IP processing emSFP™ equipped with two J2K encoders and two J2K decoders. The new emSFP allows users to create a direct path from J2K to SMPTE ST 2110 for contribution feeds. By eliminating the need to convert incoming signals first to SDI and then to SMPTE ST 2110, the gateway empowers users to streamline signal flow in remote production applications while saving on power, space, and equipment costs.

“Our newest emSFP offers many benefits, ranging from J2K encoding/decoding capabilities to an innovative and incredibly compact SFP-based design,” said Renaud Lavoie, Embrionix president. “We look forward to showcasing this exciting new functionality at IBC2019, and we’re confident that visitors at our stand will quickly see the tremendous value it brings to handling J2K feeds.”

As with earlier additions to the emSFP product line, the emSFP with J2K-to-SMPTE ST 2110 functionality is based on a small form factor (SFP+) that can either be installed inside a standard 10GE or 25GE IP switch, inside third-party cages or inside the company’s emVIRTU all-IP processing platform. The software-defined emSFP can accept up to two independent J2K contribution feeds (in the format ST 2022-1/2, VSF TR-01) and run SMPTE ST 2110 encapsulation. The module features an extended buffer — up to 2 seconds per J2K feed — to support WAN applications. Fully COTS-oriented, it plugs quickly and easily into a switch for hassle-free installation.

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NEP UK Deploys Embrionix emFUSION-6 SDI-IP Gateways

The emFUSION-6 enables NEP UK to provide remote monitoring for multiple channels with multiple languages, special POV cameras, and remote sports commentary while maintaining remote control on every site during each event.

“The Embrionix emFUSION-6 has supported the host feed, live commentary, and special points of view for major sporting events since last February, and the miniaturized gateway delivered during the 12 world championship events covered already in the season, performing flawlessly with 100% signal availability at all times,” said Donald Begg, director of technology, NEP Major Events. “The talented and dedicated team at Embrionix worked with our own team of talented engineers in the U.K. and Australia, allowing us to successfully roll out this high-visibility media-over-IP project using state-of-the-art solutions. I have plans to use the Embrionix IP kit, including the new emVIRTU solution, on a number of high-profile projects on the horizon.”

The compact emFUSION gateway deployed by NEP is a versatile, stand-alone gateway designed for remote control applications. As an SDI-to/from-IP and IP-to-HDMI gateway with support for SD, HD, 3G, and HDMI, the software-defined gateway is ideal for remote broadcast production, interconnecting SDI signals to a SMPTE ST 2110 or SMPTE ST 2022 IP infrastructure via a single 25GE aggregation link or via dual links for (SMPTE ST 2022-7) hitless redundancy. Enabling a local network connection per site, embedded on 25GE links, the emFUSION-6 also helps NEP to minimize cabling. The Embrionix gateway supports up to eight channels of encapsulation/de-encapsulation. Black burst can be extracted from the PTP to synchronize cameras, and a local network connection can be dropped at any location.

“Embrionix is proud to supply NEP UK with the highest-quality IP solutions,” said Renaud Lavoie, president, Embrionix. “We’re excited to see innovators like NEP pushing the IP remote production envelope in a distributed manner.”

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Widespread Adoption of Embrionix IP Solutions Fuels Company Growth – 2019 Revenues Up 29%

Embrionix has experienced significant year-over-year growth and widespread adoption of its IP-to-IP processing, gateway, and monitoring solutions with annual revenues growing over the past three years by 23%, 25%, and 29%, respectively.

“Our focus on miniaturization and on enabling deployment of processing directly in COTS hardware has allowed us to develop solutions that meet a wide variety of broadcasters’ current and future requirements,” said Renaud Lavoie, Embrionix president. “In addition to providing convenient, configurable processing and monitoring in the IP realm, our products are very compact, with a small power footprint, allowing users to lower opex with both space and energy savings.”

Embrionix pioneered use of the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) form factor for signal processing early in the company’s history and since has been granted 20 patents for its innovative technologies. By building miniaturized and field-updatable signal-processing technology into SFP modules that plug into commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IP switch ports, the company brings its customers a unique combination of flexibility and functionality in solutions that reduce equipment count and costs. Customers including the CBC and the NEP Group have invested in IP gateways and processing solutions from Embrionix to support their leading-edge implementation of SMPTE ST 2110 for live applications.

“At Embrionix we are completely committed to IP,” added Lavoie. “We’re always looking at our customers’ current and future needs and providing versatile solutions that support their evolution in the IP realm.”

Embrionix will showcase its full range of products at IBC2019 (Hall 8, Stand B.37) with a host of new features and products for the SMPTE ST 2110 world.

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Canada’s Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) Builds IP-Based Video Transport on Embrionix Solutions

The Embrionix solutions have been installed as part of CPAC’s shift from an aging CWDM system to a modern and more efficient IP-based video transport system.

“CPAC has built a tradition of using technology to build efficiencies that enable quality program creation and delivery,” said Eitan Weisz, director of engineering, IT, and technical operations at CPAC. “We leverage technology to enable creativity, and the innovative design of the Embrionix emSFP solution is optimal for creative, forward-looking infrastructure design.”

CPAC is a commercial-free, not-for-profit, bilingual (French and English) television service providing a window on Canadian politics and public affairs. CPAC is owned by a consortium of Canadian cable companies, namely Rogers, Shaw, Vidéotron, Cogeco, Eastlink, and Access Communications, who have invested more than $50 million to create and preserve this editorially independent voice. CPAC is available across Canada on basic cable and satellite, on the web at cpac.ca, and on the CPAC TV 2 GO mobile app.

CPAC studios are located just two blocks from the Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. CPAC’s CWDM system, previously used for daily live HD production, connects CPAC studios to the Parliament Buildings over a single dark fiber pair. In replacing that system, CPAC opted to implement a real-time media-over-IP system that would offer numerous and substantial benefits including inherent routing, increased capacity, improved operational flexibility, non-blocking architecture, and greater scalability for simpler future expansion.


The new IP-based video transport solution is non-blocking with inherent routing capability, and it boosts capacity from eight signals in each direction to a maximum capacity of 50 signals in each direction over the existing single dark fiber pair. As built, the system uses only one of the eight 100 GE aggregation ports on the switches and only uses 14 of the 48 ports on each switch.

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Embrionix IBC2019 Product Preview

The company will highlight its emVIRTU IP-to-IP media processing and core infrastructure platform, as well as its emFUSION and emVIEW IP gateways. IBC2019 attendees also will have the chance to explore the Embrionix emSFP range of SFP-based IP gateways and to take a look at the company’s emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD multiviewers.

emVIRTU IP-to-IP Media Processing Platform for HD up to UHD

The award-winning emVIRTU IP-to-IP media processing and core infrastructure platform from Embrionix is housed in a high-density, 1RU frame that is packed with serious IP media processing power for mission-critical and all-IP media production environments. The platform offers an efficient, passive-frame design that allows users to minimize energy costs and cabling while optimizing space. With aggregation bandwidth reaching up to 1.6Tb/s, the platform is also designed to allow broadcasters and other users to produce high-resolution UHD, HD, and 3G content efficiently and without constraints.


For UHD environments, the platform is designed to offer up to 64 IP processing functions from its small footprint. The Embrionix platform supports a modular approach, enabling the selective addition of virtualized processing functionalities such as frame synchronization, up/down/cross-conversion, and multiviewer capabilities.

emFUSION and emVIEW IP Gateways

Embrionix will showcase the company’s compact emFUSION-6 SDI-to/from-IP and IP-to-HDMI gateway with support for HD, 3G, and SMPTE ST 2110 UHD. The software-defined, stand-alone gateway is ideal for remote broadcast production, interconnecting SDI signals to an IP infrastructure via a single 25GE aggregation link or via dual links for (SMPTE ST 2022-7) hitless redundancy. The emFUSION-6 supports up to three channels of encapsulation and three channels of de-encapsulation. Black burst can be extracted from the PTP to synchronize cameras.


The compact emVIEW IP-to-HDMI 2.0 gateway from Embrionix offers universal support for all 4K/UHD signal formats and resolutions up to 4K/UHD 60Hz/hitless redundancy, with support for any wide, linear, and narrow sender. Making the most of a 25GE IP interface (hitless), this versatile gateway guards the integrity of the 4K/UHD image on an HDMI display, regardless of signal type or format, whether from a quad ST 2110 1080p flow (Square Division or Two Sample Interleaved) or a single SMPTE ST 2110 4K/UHD flow.

emSFP SMPTE ST 2110 All-IP Down-Converter

This miniaturized emSFP SMPTE ST 2110 all-IP-to-SD/HD/3G down-converter from Embrionix enables 4K UHD IP content to be seamlessly viewed and monitored on a HDMI display in a lower resolution while maintaining the sharpness of the original IP signal. The unit will be demonstrated at IBC2019 with a variety of new all-IP up/cross-conversion options.

emQUAD and emSFP-QUAD Multiviewers

Embrionix will showcase its versatile emQUAD quad-split multiviewers and its miniaturized emSFP multiviewers, which enable smart IP monitoring on HDMI displays. The emQUAD creates a mosaic view from four SMPTE ST 2110 streams and can be installed neatly on the back of any HDMI monitor. The emSFP-QUAD will be demonstrated creating a 16-image mosaic from SMPTE ST 2110 IP streams.

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Embrionix Supplies CBC/Radio-Canada With 25GE IP Monitoring and Conversion Solutions

In 2018, CBC/Radio-Canada also chose Embrionix gateways for all of the new facility’s HD/UHD IP/SDI conversion requirements.

Maison de Radio-Canada will be home to production and postproduction activities for CBC/Radio-Canada’s French services national and English services regional TV, radio, and digital services. This state-of-the-art facility includes 14 studio floors of various size, six TV control rooms, and 18 radio studios. Its massive master control and playout room is designed to accommodate 40 TV channels, 40 web channels, and 160 radio channels.

“With such a massive new undertaking as the buildout of Maison de Radio-Canada, we must be both flexible and forward looking,” said François Legrand, senior director, Core Systems Engineering, CBC/Radio-Canada. “With this in mind, Embrionix offers us the most seamless solution for 25GE single-stream SMPTE ST 2110 IP UHD-to-HDMI 2.0 conversion with full SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless redundancy.”

Embrionix brings 25GE compatibility to its entire IP solutions portfolio. The company’s compact emVIEW, emFUSION-3, and emFUSION-6 IP gateways can now be ordered with 25GE emSFPs inside, and as either single or multimode, greatly reducing the cost of migrating to UHD. Additionally, the new Embrionix 25GE emVIRTU all-IP processing platform enables unprecedent media processing capability in just 1 RU.

“We are thrilled to have been selected once again by CBC/Radio-Canada for their very impressive new Maison Radio-Canada facility, adding to their already-deployed Embrionix HD/UHD gateways with our new, stand-alone SMPTE ST 2110 UHD-to-HDMI 2.0 solutions,” said Renaud Lavoie, CEO of Embrionix.

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Switzerland’s tpc picks Nevion to provide media network orchestration in new facilities

Nevion, award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, today announced that leading Swiss broadcast service provider, Technology and Production Center Switzerland AG (tpc), has selected its VideoIPath orchestration and SDN control solution for a new IP-based facility for Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF), the largest electronic media house of German-speaking Switzerland.

tpc is responsible for the production and technology of television, radio and multimedia for SRF. Together, tpc and SRF are in the process of creating a new News-, Sports- and Technology Center, with the objective of going on-air in November 2019. The new building offers the unique opportunity for SRF to fundamentally renew its technical infrastructure for signal management, broadcast operation and diverse production systems, and to rethink and optimize its workflows from ingest to playout.

At the core of the new infrastructure is the full SMPTE ST 2110 IP media network built around high-performance Arista Spine-Leaf data center network. This is a Software Defined Network (SDN) that is controlled by Nevion’s VideoIPath software, which also acts as orchestrator for the media flows between broadcast sources and destinations. For this purpose, VideoIPath is integrating with a variety of equipment provided by Imagine Communications, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Stage Tec, Riedel Communications, Pebble Beach Systems, Vizrt, Embrionix amongst others. The project is a leading example of multi-vendor integration using open standards, most notably NMOS IS 04/05.

VideoIPath also integrates with BFE’s KSC Core, the user interface used by the production teams. With this set-up, operators can plan events in the KSC Core system in different production areas, and let VideoIPath automatically orchestrate, schedule, reserve resources and provide connectivity by provisioning network and broadcast equipment to execute the events.

Andreas Lattmann, CTO tpc commented: “The new facility has the potential to revolutionize how our employees work, as well as how all products in the SRF portfolio are created, and Nevion VideoIPath will play a big role in this. Furthermore, full IP migration of the system will allow SRF to gradually start broadcasting in UHD/HDR, while the new system will also allow upcoming business areas, especially in the online section, to be adopted more easily than before.”


Hans Hasselbach, Chief Commercial Officer, Nevion, said: “Once again, Nevion VideoIPath is at the heart of the orchestration and control of the IP media network, connecting familiar consoles to the network and broadcast equipment, and managing the media flows. This project has been both exciting and challenging, not least because of the number of different pieces of equipment that VideoIPath is connecting with. It’s also an excellent showcase for the collaboration between Nevion and Arista which we first announced almost a year ago.”

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