BCE, Take Media To The Next Level

Live stream and manage your OTT platforms

Discover BCE’s online video solutions for both live and on-demand high-quality content serving customers such as TV and radio broadcasters, brands, event organizers and sport and cultural events.


Live streaming massive events such as Tomorrowland and the fashion weeks, BCE has acquired a leading position on the market with a solid player, multiple features and global delivery.

Thanks to BCE’s Online Video Platform (OVP) and services, the customer can create video platforms (VoD, Replay, PayTV, etc.), manage and distribute its content, monitor and analyze its audience.


Produce and broadcast with StudioTalk

StudioTalk is an all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast your programs on any existing platform. Experience live production and 360° distribution through an easy touch interface and powerful system.

StudioTalk touchscreen interface
  • Thanks to an intuitive Graphic User Interface and a touchscreen, the customers are able to control cameras, feeds and studio sets.
  • An automated mode can let StudioTalk work on its own to ensure seamless production and broadcast.
  • An advanced Content Management System is built-in and can easily be connected to your workflow.
  • Encrypt the content with BCE DRM.
StudioTalk at RTS

Itstored, BCE’s cloud backup and storage solution

With S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol being a worldwide standard, BCE ensures the protection of the files as well as its immediate availability as itstored is directly connected to the customer workflow.

  • The customer can perform unlimited actions on your content with a single, flat rate
  • Thanks to BCE’s bandwidth, The customer can access your content at any time
  • With more than 22 PB, the customer can backup all its content
  • The content can be stored on two redundant datacenters


Discover as well BCE’s recent system integration projects for Groupe M6, BNJ, RTS and Antenne Reunion, the remastering of Baywatch for Fremantle, BCE’s DRM services and our 4K Broadcast services of Altice and Luxe.tv.

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Baywatch is back on the beach with BCE’s HD re-versioning

The original Baywatch series are making their return on TV with the remastering in high definition of the complete 242 episodes. With the series still rating strong audience on RTL Germany, TF1 and Mediaset, Fremantle asked BCE to do the HD re-versioning of 198 episodes in French, German, Italian and Spanish.

“Baywatch still looks quite contemporary, and the storylines stand up. It doesn’t actually look that old fashioned.” Comments Bob McCourt, Chief Operating Officer, FremantleMedia International.

To keep the franchise as faithful as possible to the original, BCE ingested the SD reference material including the dubbed audio for each language. Since the remastered HD version are including new songs from new artists (selected by the original composer Corey Lerios), BCE edited the original dubbed audio, erased the music and isolated the voice and FX tracks.

Many of the foreign episodes of Baywatch were censored. BCE had to work with the original dubbing artists to record the missing scenes. When an artist was not available, BCE had to find a person with the voice that matched best the original and use digital technology to adjust the final versioning.

BCE ensured the audio correction of the dubbed version as well, including audio level correction with dephasing and micro audio drops as well as synch issues between the FX and the dialogues.

“Baywatch has marked several generations, we are glad to contribute to its revival on the European market. The new HD remastered versions come with a fantastic new music score, combined to the incredible work of Warner Bros, Illuminate and BCE, it will definitively mark the generations ahead” comments, Xavier Thillen, Head of Digital Media Operations, BCE.

With the ingest of the new original HD master provided by Fremantle, BCE made the final QC (quality check) of the 242 original episodes remastered by Warner and Illuminate. Then, BCE mixed the audio of the four foreign language tracks to the new score in 198 episodes. Finally, BCE created the Titles and Credits for the French version (Alerte à Malibu), for the German version (Die Rettungsschwimmer von Malibu) and the Spanish version (Los vigilantes de la Playa).

“I have been very impressed with BCE involvement in the project so far and its input has been invaluable” concludes Bob McCourt.

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