“MALAKA” to open the XI Vitoria FesTVal

The disappearance of the daughter of an important businessman and the arrival of a new drug on the streets are keys to this southern noir. Antonio Gil, Cuca Escribano, Laura Baena Torres and Susana Córdoba, among others, complete the cast of the series shot on location in Malaga.


An unexplained disappearance, an extremely diverse group of protagonists, all with a painful past, and the city of Malaga. The three keys to “Malaka”, the latest reality thriller from La 1 which has been chosen to open the XI edition of the Vitoria FesTVal, getting underway today, Monday 2nd September. Maggie Civantos, Salva Reina and Vicente Romero head up the cast of this hour long serialized drama in which our protagonists strive to settle old scores with their pasts… and with their present.

Produced by RTVE in association with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), Malaka begins with the disappearance of an important local Malaga-born businessman’s daughter. The Andalusian city takes on the role of an additional cast member in what has been described as a ‘warts and all’ look at the city, with everything from the bright lights of high society to the very underbelly of the underworld producing the drug.

The series features a formidable cast, a great many of who are native Andalusian’s: Cuca Escribano, Antonio Gil, Laura Baena Torres, Susana Córdoba, Alejandro Casaseca, Manuel Morón, Víctor Castilla, Emilio Palacios, Ignacio Mateos, Héctor Medina, Pilar Gómez, Helena Kaittani, and Naomi Ruiz. The nuts and bolts of society’s landscape; wealthy businessmen and young people, mafia clan capos and petty criminals.

Created by Daniel Corpas (Yo soy Bea, Lo que me contaron los muertos, Bajo el mismo techo) and Samuel Pinazo (Topos, Las tetas de mi madre), directed by Marc Vigil (The Ministry of Time, Red Eagle, Locked Up, Aída, 7 Lives), Malaka originated in the 2018 SGAE Workshops. The drama is supervised by Javier Olivares (The Ministry of Time), showrunner and co-producer, and with Jordi Calafí as script coordinator.

Characters with a painful past

Blanca Gámez (Maggie Civantos), only child and daughter of legendary Police Chief Gámez, poised, intelligent, calm and straight-talking. But nobody in Malaga knows why she has decided to return to her hometown after spending her entire working-life in Madrid. She may be an elite Inspector, but she’s got a lot to learn about what the real world is like.

Maggie Civantos
Darío Arjona (Salva Reina) has no doubt in his mind “Someone has to get dirty to keep everything clean”, the soundbite that best defines his moral compass and its flexibility. Dario is a Police Inspector who navigates skillfully around the city’s grimiest neighborhoods that spawned him and his type. With one foot in the world of corruption, he fights to maintain the status quo in the drug market.

Salva Reina

These are two very different Police Inspectors, but who share a complicated past as more is revealed to us in each episode.

Joaquín Romero ‘Quino’ (Vicente Romero) joins Blanca and Darío in their inquiries into Noelia’s disappearance. The ex-cop turned private detective handed in his badge a long time ago. A murky affair he prefers not to discuss.

Vicente Romero

An unexplained disappearance…

Noelia’s disappearance is the starting point for Malaka. A young loner, in love with oriental mysticism and nature, the daughter of Germán Castañeda, an important local businessman. The investigation into her disappearance begins to reveal unimaginable connections and secrets.

Oro, a new drug that comes in the form of a gold ingot, unleashes a gang-war between rival clans who run drug trafficking. Among these, boss of the Los Cucos clan, La Tota rules with an iron fist.

But, who really is Noelia? Who benefits from flooding the streets of society’s underbelly with the strange yellow pollen? These are just some of the questions Inspectors Darío and Blanca with Detective Quino will be forced to find answers to.

Malaga, an additional member of the cast

Filming for Malaka took place in partnership with the City of Malaga between April and July of this year. The capital of the Costa del Sol was host to and backdrop for scenes filmed on location at some of Malaga’s best-known natural interior and exterior beauty spots, taking in a varied route including emblematic spots like the Paseo de los Curas, the Alameda Principal and Avenida de Cervantes, in addition to the Puerto del Condado and the ​​Cerrado de Calderón district.

Other well-known locations featured include the Perchel bridge over the Guadalmedina river, Balneario Los Baños del Carmen, former Provincial Prison, and the area surrounding the Albéniz cinema in the Alcazaba neighborhood.

A new era of “Zapeando”

The set will also undergo a complete revamping complete with an entirely fresh graphics line

One more season and then there were six. “Zapeando” is back, without having ever left. But this is no ordinary return as, in addition to some fresh faces around the table, the show will also feature an entirely new studio set and revamped graphics line, kicking off a whole new era with the arrival of the show’s new presenter: Dani Mateo, a man who has been yearning to make a radical change in his career and says he’ll do his best to make it work. Joining Dani will be the usual cast of contributors including Cristina Pedroche, who has promised to dedicate herself mind, body and soul to the program, provided her other commitments don’t get in the way; Anna Simón, who claims to be delighted to work with Dani and literally said, “I can finally ask him if he’s really like that or does he have someone doing it for him”; Miki Nadal, who when asked about the reunion with his former partner from “Sé lo que hicisteis” said “I’m excited, eager to see who has matured less”; Quique Peinado, revealed that this season he will refrain from wearing shirts that spark epileptic fits and Lorena Castell, who has sworn to do everything for “Zapeando” at least until something better comes along.


The magazine brought to you from the desktops at LaSexta and produced by Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will also continue to enjoy weekly visits from our very own special dandy and elegance guru, Josie, and Marián, Garcia’s Pharmacy with her somewhat off-beat clinic.

But, there’s more. The show will feature some new faces including actor Jesús Vidal, who’s weekly hand-picked news section will provide audiences with a more optimistic outlook on the world we live in.

Isabel Zubiaurre who, in her condition as physicist, will prepare some of the very best highlights of what can happen when there’s a camera recording nearby. And, we’re especially excited about Isabel joining us at “Zapeando”, as we’ll finally have someone on the team with a college education.

Valeria Ros will be our test pilot in the world of online shopping and, consequently, the battle between expectations and reality in a section we’ve named “What you order, and what you get in the post”.

Santiago Alverú joins us in the role of audience ombudsman who will receive complaints, questions and opinions from viewers about every TV program…except ours.

Maya Pixelskaya loves history. So, that’s why we’ve asked her to talk to us about the future and, using videos, help us to answer the question on everyone’s mind.. Why can’t kitchen robot chefs clean up after themselves?

Gotxon Mantuliz, adventurer and animal lover will guide us through the fascinating world of pets.

Our musical expertise will be provided by rapper El Chojin and we’ll be demanding the greatest feat that could be requested of any rapper; avoid serious talk at all costs.

And finally, Javier Cansado will visit us every week to do what he only he can do best: play Javier Cansado.

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THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO signs LORENZO SILVA to produce series content based on his novels

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, through its production company GLOBOMEDIA, has signed a collaboration agreement with writer Lorenzo Silva for the adaptation of fiction content inspired by his novels. The first two projects included under the agreement are to be a series based on his latest book “Si esto es una mujer” (published by DESTINY), written in collaboration with Noemí Trujillo, and the long-awaited series about his two fetish characters and members of the Central Operations Unit (UCO) of the Guardia Civil, Rubén Bevilacqua and Virginia Chamorro, protagonists of nine novels and two stories (published by DESTINY).

Author of more than 30 novels and numerous works of non-fiction, as well as children’s stories and titles for younger readers, Lorenzo Silva, one of the top best sellers of the Spanish creative scene, also has experience as a series and documentary screenwriting, including the cinematographic adaptations of his novels. He was nominated for the 2004 Goya for the screenplay of La flaqueza del bolchevique and co-author of 20-N. Los últimos días de Franco, which received Spanish Television Academy’s Best TV Movie award in 2009. As a multi-award-winning writer, Silva won the Planeta Award for “La marca del meridiano”, his seventh novel in the Bevilacqua and Chamorro series, and El Nadal, for “El alquimista impaciente”, the second novel of the saga. The author is a reference of the Spanish modern narrative and a pre-eminent author among the contemporary classics of the literary gender.

In association with GLOBOMEDIA (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), Silva himself will be responsible for these adaptations at the helm of the writer’s room in charge of each one. In the case of “Si esto es una mujer”, the author will also collaborate with Noemí Trujillo, co-author of this new fiction saga, starring Inspector Manuela Mauri, who in this novel investigates a chilling case that reveals the worst scourges of our society.

With regard to the adaptation as a television series of the investigations of Bevilacqua and Chamorro’s cases, the announcement comes as welcome news for fans, who have long called for a televised version of the characters. The project involving Lorenzo Silva and GLOBOMEDIA (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) will be based on a storyline that will merge two of the titles published to date.

“It is with great pride that we announce this collaboration with Lorenzo Silva. We admire his story-packed career where he combines mystery with relevant social issues while doing so from a very human perspective about the character. We ‘re certain that all his current fans, plus those who’ll be discovering his work for the first time in the series created with Noemí Trujillo and our team, and who will have the opportunity to see the full scope of his talent like never-before-seen on television”, said Javier Pons, General Director of GLOBOMEDIA and Television Director of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.


“I’m delighted to reach an agreement to launch a series about Bevilacqua and Chamorro with the guarantee, experience and industrial strength The Mediapro Studio and Globomedia bring to the project. Over the past twenty years, there have been several projects in the pipeline in relation to the two characters, who for me, are much more than fictional creatures, but none of these projects quite convinced me until now and I think that many of the series readers would have liked. This is an excellent opportunity to settle this outstanding debt with them and myself, by proposing a show that allows me to explore the potential that as a writer I have found in them to offer a complete and complex account of my time and my place “, said Lorenzo Silva.


The author went on the say, “there’s no greater joy than seeing how an almost newborn character, Inspector Manuela Mauri, protagonist of only two stories; “Si esto es una mujer” and “Carabanchel blues”, will also get her chance to make the leap to the screen, and to bring her peculiar perspective on her city, Madrid, and some of the darkest areas of contemporary society. I share with Noemí Trujillo, my partner in the adventure of creating and giving life to her, the satisfaction of witnessing how she has gained a significant popular base in such a short time, readers who demand to know more about her and whom I hope will be just as excited about the series as we are. The reality here in Spain provides stories as powerful and universal as any other. I’ve drawn on this reality for inspiration in my work and it’s comforting to see that these stories can give way to another narrative language, with a similar ambition”, he continued.

Filming gets underway for NASDROVIA, produced in association with Globomedia

Filming for NASDROVIA, the new original Movistar + series produced in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), has already begun. This comedy revolves around the mid-life crisis that two forty-year-olds, Edurne (Leonor Watling) and her partner and ex-husband, Julián (Hugo Silva), go through when she, bored of working as a lawyer defending the corrupt, realizes that this is not the life she wants.


Shooting will last eight weeks on-location in Madrid, and its surroundings. Audiences will easily be able to identify well-known haunts of the capital, including the Mercado de la Cebada, Plaza de Santa Bárbara, Calle Reina and Calle Valverde and the Plaza de los Mostenses. The construction of Nasdrovia, the restaurant that lends its name for the title, has just been completed in a meticulous manner, controlling down to the very last detail, on a venue in the center of Madrid.

Created by Sergio Sarria (El Intermedio, Capítulo 0, Malaka, Perestroika), Miguel Esteban (El Intermedio,  El fin de la Comedia -for which he was nominated for an Emmy-, Capítulo 0) and Luismi Pérez (El Intermedio, Malaka y Capítulo 0) and directed by Marc Vigil (The Ministry of Time, Malaka, Locked Up, Vivir sin permiso, Red Eagle, 7 lives, etc.), NASDROVIA is based on the novel by Sergio Sarria, El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho (La Esfera de los Libros), published 2016.

“Even though we’ve respected the universe of ” El hombre que odiaba a Paulo Coelho “, in the process of adaptation we have added significant changes with respect to the novel. While in the book the story was narrated from Julian’s (Hugo Silva) perspective, the series tells the story from the perspective of Edurne (Leonor Watling) since we wanted to have a powerful female character standing off against the testosterone-filled world of the Russian Mafia”, explains Sergio Sarria.


“However, we have tried to avoid clichés and instead of drawing the typical Russian mobsters, we have taken them to other, less common terrain. Our mobsters talk about Instagram, the last episode of Game of Thrones, gluten allergies … and they are scary when they have to be. Nasdrovia is an atypical comedy, where humor stems not from the jokes but from comical life situations.”


In addition, Sarria adds, “Marc’s vision has been key to take the series to another level and develop characters and the storyline further.”



Edurne (Leonor Watling) and Julian (Hugo Silva) are two deeply stuck-up, snobby, and successful lawyers. They were married for several years, childless and now divorced, both hold positions in jobs that completely absorb them, they have a terrible fear of the future and loneliness. Their small cynical universe is shaken when both hit a mid-life crisis and Franky (Luis Bermejo), a washed-up but exceptionally talented chef, specialist in Russian cuisine. The only way out for them is to leave their jobs and open a restaurant serving Russian cuisine. However, they hadn’t counted on it becoming the Russian Mafia’s favorite haunt, and that their previously boring life will soon become a delirious and dangerous thriller.

MEDIAPRO Group signs Marc Vigil as Director & Executive producer

Marc Vigil, one of the most prestigious directors on the Spanish and Latin American audiovisual scene, rejoins the team at Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) as series director and executive producer.

Vigil’s next project will be as director of “Malaka”, a fiction series currently in development for RTVE in collaboration with Globomedia, before embarking on a further two new projects. Created by Daniel Corpas, “Malaka” is a police thriller set in Malaga, where the arrival of a new drug on the streets sparks a war between rival gangs.

The celebrated director returns to the production company where he had previously directed a string of hit series including “Locked Up”, “Red Eagle”, “7 Lives” and “Aída”.


Marc Vigil’s most recent project was as director of “The Ministry of Time”, in between directing two other series shot on location in Mexico: the second season of “Niño Santo” for ONCE, and the adaptation of the famous novel by Xavier Velasco, “Diablo Guardián”, for Amazon Prime.

The director has just broken ground on his first cinema project with the filming of the full-length feature due to go on release shortly, an adaptation of the novel “El silencio del pantano”, written by Carlos de Pando and Sara Antuña.

This latest signing is further endorsement of the MEDIAPRO Group’s policy focused on enlisting the best talent available. Marc Vigil joins screenwriter Javier Olivares and director Fernando González Molina, both of whom have joined Globomedia as showrunners. The exclusive series development agreement with Daniel Écija is yet another example of the Group’s commitment to delivering top-quality fiction.

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MEDIAPRO to train the next generation of Spain’s creative fiction minds

The MEDIAPRO Group announces its firm commitment to the formation of new creative talent with the announcement of an official Master of Creative Writing and Screenwriting in collaboration with the Complutense University. Faithful to its origins, the Group takes up the historic initiative of Globomedia, who for more than 13 years has identified and trained the most outstanding fiction creators in Spain through its Master in Screenwriting in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

MEDIAPRO seeks storytellers and story creators who know how to hook in the viewer and manage to keep them glued to the screen from the pilot episode all the wat through until the end of the season, in movies, on TV or through new windows and digital formats. The company brings its wealth of experience, the talent of its creators and the possibility of putting into practice the knowledge acquired in one of the more than 20 productions the Group has in operation around the world. The goal: to create a new generation of storytellers who bring Spanish fiction to the entire world through its 53 offices in 35 countries.

The MEDIAPRO Master in Creative Writing & Screenwriting gets underway this coming academic year, 2019/2020, endorsed as an official degree qualification from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid’s Faculty of Information Sciences. The master, divided into 3 major areas (film, TV and digital) will have the collaboration of prestigious fiction professionals linked to the Group. Javier Olivares (“The Ministry of Time”, “Isabel”); Iván Escobar (“Locked Up”, “Kamikaze”); Ran Tellem (“Homeland”, “The Paradise”); Daniel Burman (“Lost Embrace”, “Edha”) and Los Javis (“Paquita Salas”, “On The Line”) are just some of the creators that will be part of the large group of lecturers. Students will be able to do internships in the big productions, national and international, that the Group has in development.

Rich and successful experience in the creation of fiction content

The MEDIAPRO Group is a world leader in multimedia content, specialising in content integration, production and distribution. Their products have been successful in the prime time of the main Spanish channels for over 20 years and their productions are present on all the latest platforms. The Group’s content division develops, creates, produces and distributes content of all genres and in all formats for television, cinema or exhibitions. The Group also produces content in the United States, Portugal, Argentina and the Middle East working with directors such as Woody Allen, Fernando León Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Patricio Guzmán, Manuel Huerga, Roman Polanski, Ernesto Daranas and Gaston Duprat, among others. TV fiction from creators such as Ran Tellem, David Simon, Paolo Sorrentino, Daniel Calparsoro, Daniel Écija, Javier Olivares, Fernando González Molina, Eduardo Sacheri, Michel Gaztambide, Àlex and David Pastor, Daniel Burman and Esty Quesada.

Several of the Group’s recent projects produced for Netflix (“Edha”, “Bomb Scared”), Amazon (“Six Dreams” and “All or Nothing: Manchester City”), DirectTV (“Side Games”), Fox (“Locked Up”), Turner (“Vote Juan”) and Viacom (“N00Bees”). Currently, the MEDIAPRO Content Division is involved in projects with HBO (“The New Pope”), YLE (“The Paradise”), Turner and Disney (“Miracle Hunters”), among others. Recently, the company announced agreements with VICE Studios and Pol-ka.

With an outstanding presence in the main film festivals, MEDIAPRO productions have won 2 Oscars and received 3 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 1 BAFTA, 2 Independent Spirit, 1 Vulcain Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlinale, 28 Goya and 1 Golden Shell from the San Sebastian Film Festival.

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