Germany’s PLAZAMEDIA picks Nevion for IP in Facilities

Nevion, the award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, and its German solution partner LOGIC media solutions GmbH, announced today that PLAZAMEDIA, a Germany-based content solution provider, has picked Nevion equipment, software and services for its brand new IP-based broadcasting center located in Ismaning near Munich, Germany.

When PLAZAMEDIA decided to move to new 800m2 premises, it was clear that IP technology was the only option to deliver the scalable and future-proof media network the company needed in its facilities. PLAZAMEDIA was particularly keen to leverage the potential of IP to transform workflows though infrastructure virtualization, i.e. being able to share studios, control rooms and productions resources (e.g. equipment) more easily.

To achieve this, PLAZAMEDIA opted for a spine-leaf, fully redundant, software-defined network (SDN), with Nevion eMerge as leaf switches, Nevion Virtuoso software-defined media nodes as SDI/IP gateways for video, audio and data, and Nevion VideoIPath as the orchestration and SDN control software. The spine switches are provided by Nevion partner Mellanox.


Nevion VideoIPath is the engine of the media network, allowing connections between sources and destinations to be established both in an ad-hoc and scheduled manner, to support infrastructure virtualization in particular. For example, Nevion VideoIPath’s data routing control lets existing commentator-consoles share the back-end equipment via RS-232 over IP, in a way that was not possible until now with the point-to-point physical connectivity.

The NATing (network address translation) capability of Nevion eMerge switches allows Nevion VideoIPath to control media flows to and from any equipment, whether IP or SDI, without the need for specific drivers.

Nevion VideoIPath’s support for the Ember+ protocol also means that operators can manage connections in a production environment through existing and familiar Lawo VSM control panels, used until now for PLAZAMEDIA’s legacy SDI network.

Hans Hasselbach, Nevion’s Chief Commercial Officer, explains: “Nevion and our partner LOGIC already had an excellent relationship with PLAZAMEDIA, having previously delivered a successful IP remote production solution for the company. However, we still needed to prove ourselves for this project, against fierce and local competition, so we are very pleased to have been chosen to deliver this exciting solution.”

In addition, the Nevion Virtuosos are being used for to provide essence-based adaptation (TR-04 then SMPTE ST 2110), processing, protections (SMPTE 2022-7) and monitoring of uncompressed video, audio and data in the facilities. In particular, PLAZAMEDIA has picked Nevion Virtuoso to provide the audio embedding/de-embedding, shuffling, switching, delay and gain functionality it needed for the new facilities.

“The IP facilities solution was delivered on time by Nevion services and LOGIC – despite a very tight schedule dictated by our move to the new premises – and we are pleased with its performance”, says Jens Friedrichs, chairman at PLAZAMEDIA. “We still have many ideas of how our workflows could be improved further, but we are confident that our new IP media network will be able to evolve to support these.”

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Nevion announces record year, reporting a healthy 16% overall revenue growth in 2017

Nevion, the award-winning provider of virtualized media production solutions, has reported 47% growth in IP and software defined networking solutions and 67% growth in its services business. Nevion’s overall revenue has grown by 16% year-on-year.

This growth reflects a shift in the market from pure hardware towards software-defined technologies and from product sales to solutions and value driven projects, as customers want to take advantage of the benefits offered by IP technology.

Geir Bryn-Jensen, CEO of Nevion, said: “2017 was a hugely exciting year for us as we continued to evolve our offering to respond to the evolution of the broadcasting industry. As the adoption of IP within broadcast continues to gather further pace, we are seeing more and more broadcasters and service providers turning to us for our services, consultation, and most importantly, our IP-based solutions.”

In the past 12 months, Nevion has also gained 80 new B2B customers, completing major projects for the likes of TV 2 in Norway and Channel 11 in Thailand. It has announced partnerships with major IP companies, including Cisco and Mellanox.

Bryn-Jensen added: “These impressive results are the outcome of a successful transformation strategy we embarked upon a few years ago. We anticipated the industry’s move to IP, and understood the impact of the technology on organizations and their workflows. We set out our vision of bringing virtualization to real-time production and delivery, and used it as a guiding principle to build products, solutions, services and indeed our company to meet the needs our customers are now facing. We look forward to continuing the success in 2018 and beyond, and our first quarter is already confirming that. This is good news for us of course, but also for our customers and partners who are investing for their future.”

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AIMS Membership Swells to 96 Members Following MNA Merger

Since the organization’s merger with the Media Networking Alliance (MNA) was announced late last year, more than 20 companies have joined AIMS.

The following companies have joined AIMS since the MNA merger, bringing the total number of member organizations to 96: ALC Networx, Attero Tech, Alteros Inc., Axis, the BBC, Bosch, Digigram, Direct Out, DongGuan 3G Audio Technology Co. Ltd., Focusrite, Genelec, Hangzhou Linker Technology, Luminex, LYNX- Technik, Mellanox, Merging Technologies, Ningbo Soundking, QSC, Suzhou FITCAN, TOA, Ward-Beck Systems, Wheatstone Corporation, and Yamaha.

The former MNA organization was focused on AES67 interoperability, and its membership included companies doing business in the broadcast, professional audio, pro AV, and installation markets. After a two-year history of collaboration, the MNA and AIMS memberships voted to merge last December and form a single trade association for promoting IP in the media and entertainment industry. The new joint organization has retained the AIMS name and is governed by the existing AIMS bylaws. Through the merger, former MNA members are now working through AIMS on adopting common methodologies for transport, registration and discovery, connection management, and other areas of interoperability.

“Like AIMS, MNA members were committed to adopting a standards-based approach to interoperability. In their case, it was interoperability between various IP-based audio networks via the use of AES67, and they made tremendous strides toward that goal,” said Michael Cronk, AIMS chairman of the board. “By merging with AIMS, these companies are having even broader impact on the industries they serve — and they’re a driving force behind true industry-wide AV IP interoperability across the broadcast, installed systems, and live sound markets. We’re proud to welcome former MNA member companies to the AIMS fold, and with their input we’re continuing to expand our influence across a larger cross section of the media and entertainment industry.”