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MonitorIQ is a leading broadcast-monitoring solution from Digital Nirvana that offers services such as signal and loudness monitoring, air-check logging, competitive analysis, and content repurposing. The solution is Linux-based for secure scalability.


This highly efficient solution automatically records and monitors linear and/or OTT streams and alerts for loss of video, audio, or closed captions. Some of its features include live streaming and recording, SmartSearch, SmartAlerts, and frame-accurate cut clip editing with an option for variable-speed playback. The new UI provides an improved user experience and features a built-in HTML5 player that eliminates the need to install Flash or ActiveX. The solution also boasts seamless integration with Digital Nirvana’s Media Service Portal, with the added benefit of AI-based cloud microservices that include closed caption generation, caption quality assessment, caption realignment, and video intelligence for objects, ads, logos, and facial recognition.


Additional features and capabilities of MonitorIQ include:

  • Record content 24/7 or by program guide
  • Reliable, scalable client/server architecture for multichannel deployment
  • Expandable storage via NAS Connect
  • Hybrid approach to storage means content can be stored locally, on the network, or in the cloud
  • Ability to analyze the transport stream (TR 101 290), visualize stream errors in real time, and trigger alerts
  • Fast, frame-accurate clipping with custom metadata annotations
  • Fast search on all system metadata including CC text, as-run log, traffic system, and custom metadata
  • Display of SCTE 104 and SCTE 35 markers in the editor window to help with insertion, replacement, or removal of portions of the original content and repurposing of the end result
  • HD/SD, ASI, QAM, ATSC, and HDMI inputs in a single server
  • Open API allows other systems to easily integrate with the MonitorIQ solution
  • Backed by 24/7 worldwide support with an emphasis placed on quality of service coupled with quality of experience


Metadator 2.0

Digital Nirvana’s Metadator 2.0 is a secure, scalable software-as-a-service platform that automates the process of metadata generation for production, pre-production, and live content.

Metadator 2.0 includes an off-the-shelf integration with Avid Interplay for automated speech-to-text generation that simplifies the process of automated transcription and metadata generation with locators for Avid users. The application, integrated with video intelligence, is capable of object identification, on-screen text recognition, shot-change detection, and explicit content detection.

Metadator 2.0 automates the entire process of transcription and metadata generation for Avid-based assets. It provides an opportunity to maintain consistent metadata, thereby facilitating faster time to market by ensuring relevant assets get identified more efficiently. Metadator 2.0 automatically generates locators that help users search and identify content effortlessly within Avid.

Caption Quality Check

To resolve the inherent technical complexities involved with producing closed captions for different distribution channels, Digital Nirvana is launching Caption Quality Check, an application built with content producers in mind. Some of the product’s key features include reporting operational and technical non-conformance, automatic corrections, format conversion, and frame-rate conversion.

Caption Quality Check accepts different file formats (such as SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, WebVTT, SMPTE-TT, and JSON) as inputs via the portal, S3 bucket, and APIs. Users can choose from a combination of automatic and manual services to ensure premium-quality output and receive publish-ready captions in the formats requested for distribution via various platforms, including OTT and VOD.

The design of the Caption Quality Check service improves overall user experience. Its simplified, automated, and customized workflow allows customers to automate their requests and work-order assignments to maximize productivity.

Closed Caption Generation


Digital Nirvana offers postproduction captioning services with near-live and weekly turnaround options for a variety of video formats. The platform can take in video in a variety of formats and provide output caption files in multiple formats as specified by the customer. Secure protocol implementation, with layers of security, helps with the safe transfer of content into the cloud and back again. The speech-to-text (STT) integration helps transcript editors receive output from an automated system for further editing for higher accuracy. Adoption of STT makes the work process more efficient, thereby saving a great deal of labor and ensuring faster turnarounds while also handling increased volumes. The processed files are passed on to the caption editors, who edit the content based on the guidelines prescribed by the customer/regulation. Files are prioritized based on turnarounds and skill-set requirements. Upon request, Digital Nirvana will provide preliminary files in the form of direct output from the STT engine. Customers can opt for caption files in multiple formats for the same video asset, which in turn can be published over multiple platforms including OTT, VOD, and social media.

Closed Caption Synchronization


Digital Nirvana’s Closed Caption Synchronization is a secure, scalable solution-as-a-service platform that automates the process of repurposing closed captions.

With the capability to receive and deliver content in multiple input and output formats, the Closed Caption Synchronization workflow is integrated with speech-to-text technology, helping to accurately identify lost or unsynchronized captions. High-quality, accurate, and time-synchronized captions help enhance the user experience across platforms.

Digital Nirvana Announces Metadator 2.0

Metadator 2.0 comes with powerful video-intelligence functions and tools for better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata.

“These days, broadcasters are struggling not just to create more content than ever and then deliver it faster to targeted audiences across many dispersed channels, but also to personalize content for each audience and optimize it for each distribution channel,” said Russell Wise, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Digital Nirvana. “Metadata is critical for locating and processing assets as fast as possible, but until now, metadata creation has been mostly manual, costly, and time-consuming. Metadator 2.0 lets content producers find the right assets in their Avid systems right away, which improves content quality and accelerates delivery — and ultimately helps broadcasters retain larger audiences of satisfied viewers.”

Metadator 2.0 automates and simplifies the process of transcription and metadata generation for Avid-based assets. An off-the-shelf integration with Avid MediaCentral® enables automated speech-to-text generation, and thanks to built-in video intelligence, the application is also capable of object identification, on-screen text recognition, shot-change recognition, and explicit content detection. Metadator 2.0 automatically generates locators that help users search and identify content effortlessly within Avid.

By allowing broadcasters to maintain consistent metadata, Metadator 2.0 ensures relevant assets get identified more quickly, thereby facilitating faster time to market.

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Digital Nirvana Introduces Media Services Portal, a Suite of Closed-Captioning Solutions

“There are plenty of point captioning products on the market, but until now, broadcasters have had to turn to multiple sources for key functions such as caption generation, caption alignment, and quality assurance. And there’s been no single portal for personalizing huge volumes of content and tailoring it to a global audience,” said Hiren Hindocha, co-founder, president, and CEO of Digital Nirvana. “With Media Services Portal, we’ve filled that niche with a rich suite of smart, self-service tools that empower broadcasters and independent content producers to enhance content value, meet regulatory captioning requirements, and prepare content for publishing to different distribution channels.”

The Media Services Portal offers a single interface for customers to access three critical captioning functions: closed caption generation; closed caption quality assurance through a multilevel checking process including realignment; and, through Digital Nirvana’s Metadator, automatic closed caption generation and metadata enhancement for AVID assets together with built-in media intelligence for object and scene recognition. Plus, the Media Services Portal can be used with Digital Nirvana’s Monitor IQ for immediate logging and feedback of content quality and compliance.

Screenshot of Digital Nirvana’s Media Services Portal — a comprehensive, one-stop suite of solutions for meeting the full gamut of broadcasters’ closed-captioning requirements.

The Media Services Portal offers an interface through which customers can submit their job requests and access customized, flexible caption-related services that fit their business needs — including the option to upload files in multiple formats (either from the system or from S3 buckets) and submit job requests. The portal takes the submitted content through the secure Digital Nirvana captioning workflow for processing and then posts it back in the portal, along with an email notification, once the job is complete. The download option in the portal allows customers to download the processed content for future use. Users are able to add, edit, or delete content directly from the portal, which maximizes productivity and simplifies workflow. The customer is then able to upload the media file and captioned version to the portal to access services such as caption quality check and caption synchronization.

Digital Nirvana offers captioning services designed to prepare live, postproduction, and VOD content for multiple distribution channels. Caption generation and synchronization, integrated with automatic speech-to-text technology, help create accurate, multilingual captions with flexible turnaround times. Digital Nirvana’s captioning offers the ideal blend of automation for efficiency and manual intervention to ensure 99 percent accuracy. In addition, the quality check service guarantees publish-ready content for multiple digital platforms and includes features such as multiple technical conversions, format conversion, and frame-rate conversion in the formats preferred by customers.

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Digital Nirvana 2018 Year End Recap

With the pace of change in data monitoring and management quickening this year, thanks to the developments in AI, cloud-based technology, and voice and object recognition, companies providing hardware and software for services such as online and broadcast media monitoring, metadata generation, and closed captioning, experienced the same uptick. Digital Nirvana, a global provider of media management solutions and services experienced a 2018 filled with new product introductions, participation in broadcast technology and media industry trade shows, and a significant strategic alliance with the only television and clearing house in the UK.

In April this year, Digital Nirvana joined forces with Clearcast, UK’s sole television ad clearing house and will be their partner for subtitling TV advertisements. Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based Subtitling Solutions is a featured tool within MediaCentral, Clearcast’s online portal for the video advertising industry. With this portal, advertisers can easily determine if their ads follow UK compliance regulations. Clearcast’s MediaCentral is a task-based portal through which advertisers and agencies can quickly connect with providers who offer ad-related services, such as subtitling, airtime booking, soundtrack services, etc.

April also saw a significant product introduction from Digital Nirvana during the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) convention in Las Vegas. Digital Nirvana introduced a software application, Metadator, that automatically exports media from AVID, sends the data over the cloud for automatic speech-to-text conversion and ingests the metadata with locators back into the AVID Interplay, creating a searchable database within the AVID MAM infrastructure. Automating the manual process of combing through footage and creating scene summaries, Metadator simplifies the editing process for broadcasters and content owners.

NAB 2018 was also the site of the introduction of Digital Nirvana’s Version 5.2 of its flagship MonitorIQ Media Management Platform. The company’s innovative broadcast monitoring and logging system enables broadcasters to effectively monitor their video and meet compliance and repurposing requirements and offers a multitude of user-friendly features. Monitor IQ comes as either a hardware, VM (virtual machine) or a Cloud-based application. Digital Nirvana also showcased its products and services at the International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam in September, which were first exhibited in the U.S. at NAB, to the European and worldwide market.

Digital Nirvana sponsored the Digital Media Pipeline 2018 conference at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles in September and demonstrated its Metadator application and Closed Captioning Services.

Digital Nirvana also demonstrated its cloud-based closed caption generation and caption retrieval and synchronization service during NAB New York in mid-October. NAB New York in October continued with demonstrations of the latest version of MonitorIQ, the metadata creation app Metadator for AVID users, and Closed Captioning services.

The 50th edition of the FIBEP World Media Intelligence Congress 2018 in Copenhagen saw Digital Nirvana being a Congress partner for the 7th consecutive time. The company exhibited its range of service offerings to media monitoring and intelligence companies.

Digital Nirvana’s portfolio of media analysis services provide qualitative data to help analyze major trends surrounding an organization’s public perception and monitoring services that provide clipping, tagging and toning services for creating customized reports. The FIBEP conference brings leading media intelligence innovators together to discuss the most important issues facing the media monitoring industry. Digital Nirvana also demonstrated its media monitoring and measurement services portfolio at the AMEC Summit in Barcelona in June. AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) focuses on the latest innovations in the media measurement industry. Digital Nirvana was a silver sponsor of the conference.

The company was involved in a diverse range of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives throughout 2018 as a part of its commitment to driving societal change and boosting environmental sustainability. Digital Nirvana has been involved with non-profit organizations based near the company headquarters in California, including Bay Area-based SAVE (Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments), Abode Services, PBS member station KQED and Neighborhood Funders Group.

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Digital Nirvana Showcasing Metadata Creation App, Closed Captioning and Media Monitoring

At the NAB Show New York 2018, Global Media Solutions and Services Provider Digital Nirvana will present its powerful content-based metadata creation app Metadator for AVID media platform users, cloud-based closed caption generation and caption retrieval and synchronization service, and the latest version of its flagship Media Monitoring Platform. With over two decades of industry experience, DN’s expertise in the development and application of innovative solutions is unparalleled. Digital Nirvana’s revolutionary workflow ensures the best in automation and customization, providing sustainable solutions to its customers.

Digital Nirvana will showcase its offerings at booth #N546 during NAB New York from October 17-18 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

“NAB New York continues to be a significant part of our year-long efforts to pitch our branding and outreach to prospective clients,” said Hiren Hindocha, CEO, Digital Nirvana. “New York area broadcasters and content creators who were not able to attend NAB in Las Vegas or the IBC in Amsterdam have the opportunity to attend a quality trade show with many of the same players in their own backyard. We’re eager to demonstrate our new software and services at NAB New York and connect with our current and prospective customers during this high-profile, regional show.”


Metadator will make its New York debut this year after its introduction at the NAB Show in Las Vegas during April last year. Metadator is an application that simplifies content-based metadata creation for AVID users. The application has the ability to export media from AVID, create metadata automatically over the cloud along with locators, automatically ingest and attach itself to the video asset present in AVID Interplay. It helps creating a searchable database within the AVID MAM infrastructure that has multiple benefits in an increasing metadata-centric media world. With the introduction of Metadator, Digital Nirvana has been able to serve the rapidly growing AVID user community across the globe.

Closed Caption Generation

At NAB New York, Digital Nirvana will also showcase its automated, cloud-based Closed Caption Generation service for all pre-recorded and online video content. The service is backed by a powerful workflow with proven speech-to-text at its core and levels of checks based on customer quality requirements. Considering the delivery requirements to multiple platforms, customers can now request for any or all standard formats for broadcast and IP delivery for video content.

Closed Caption Retrieval and Synchronization

Digital Nirvana’s Caption Lookup service is an effective way to quickly look up for captions from broadcast content, synchronize it, and reuse for online publishing. Captions associated with any broadcast content can easily be retrieved by submitting media clips over Rest API. Digital Nirvana’s state-of-the-art Retrieval technology makes content retrieval easy by maintaining a fingerprint database for broadcast content along with associated closed captions for selected channels.

MonitorIQ Version 5.2

MonitorIQ Media Management Platform

Also making its appearance at NAB New York is Digital Nirvana’s MonitorIQ Media Management Platform, Version 5.2, a broadcast monitoring and logging system that offers a host of new user-friendly features, including support for H.264 recording, strengthened IPTV protocol support for and updated calendar controls. MonitorIQ delivers a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, loudness monitoring, compliance, competitive analysis, advertisement verification, content repurposing and archiving functions – enabling broadcasters to capture live content from multiple sources live, and check the video for quality and compliance.

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Digital Nirvana Metadator Application Makes IBC2018 Debut

Digital Nirvana, a global provider of media solutions and services, will showcase its new Metadator application at IBC2018 in Amsterdam, running from September 14-18 at the RAI Amsterdam. First introduced at NAB in April, IBC marks the international debut of Metadator – a software application that makes the editing process more efficient for broadcasters and content creators. Digital Nirvana will exhibit in Hall 14, Stand D05 during IBC.

Metadator is a software application that makes content-based metadata creation process more efficient for broadcasters and content owners who are using the AVID media platform. The application has the ability to export media from AVID, create metadata automatically over the cloud and generate locators. The metadata, along with the locators will be automatically ingested and attach itself to the video asset present in AVID Interplay.

Creation of high-quality transcripts as metadata for pre-edit footages helps to streamline the editing process as well as simplifies closed captioning/subtitling processes. Content editors do not have to manually comb through huge amounts of video footage to create scene summaries. While editing footages down to a show, editors can easily find out the desired clips using the metadata that is available in the infrastructure.

A high-quality transcript generated through this service also aids in script writing and creating closed captions. Use cases also include video description wherein the application directly sends proxy videos to cloud service. Content owners will now be able to create transcripts easily for their media archives and create a searchable database within their AVID MAM infrastructure.

The Metadator application, installed at client’s premises, communicates with the user’s internal AVID InterPlay/ISIS infrastructure to extract media and securely transfer it to Digital Nirvana’s cloud-based platform over HTTPS. Metadator allows its users to choose whether to transfer the video assets or to extract audio-only from the video assets and send it outside the customer premises. The audio/video received at the cloud center is processed for auto-generation of metadata which includes keywords, auto-transcripts, high-quality transcripts, and video descriptions. Once the metadata is created, Metadator can fetch it and post them on the user’s internal infrastructure. The application is also integrated with a continuous monitoring and alerting system that monitors each job and notifies all stakeholders on the status of the jobs.

Digital Nirvana has been providing knowledge solutions and services for customers worldwide. Broadcasters and media companies rely on Digital Nirvana’s innovative solutions to improve operations, ensure compliance, reduce costs and protect revenue streams. DN’s solutions help broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content and publish to various digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance. With this rollout, Digital Nirvana is hopeful to scale new heights serving the media & broadcasting industry across the world.

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Digital Nirvana to launch METADATOR

Digital Nirvana is yet again at the forefront of innovation in broadcast and media technology with the rollout of its new Metadator Application during the 2018 NAB Show, running from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). Digital Nirvana will exhibit in booth #SU10121.

Digital Nirvana’s new Metadator is a software application that makes the editing process more efficient for broadcasters and content creators. With its ability to generate locators for media assets outside of AVID’s Interplay MAM system, the application makes it easy for AVID users to export media to external sources for generating transcripts or metadata that can be automatically ingested back into the AVID Interplay MAM platform.

The software automatically extracts video footage, extract audio, generate content metadata or transcripts using speech-to-text technology, then ingests the information back into AVID Interplay. It simplifies the process of metadata and transcript generation by automating it with proven technology – improving the turnaround time while reducing costs and improving overall operational efficiency.

The application automates what’s been a manual process of combing through footage and creating scene summaries. The Metadator communicates with Avid Interplay using web service APIs to access content. Users can generate locators for the media assets outside of Avid Interplay, then export media to external sources for generating transcripts and metadata. The processed data is then returned in an Avid-compatible format and attached to specific assets, so content creators can easily locate metadata when editing footage down to a singular show.

A high-quality transcript generated through this service also aids in script writing and creating closed captions. Use cases also include video description wherein the application directly sends proxy videos to cloud service. Content owners will now be able to create transcripts easily for their media archives and create a searchable database within their AVID MAM infrastructure.

The software provides users with the ability to send media assets from specific folders in AVID’s InterPlay/ISIS infrastructure externally and automatically generate transcription, captions, and metadata through Digital Nirvana’s cloud service. The Metadator gives users the ability to extract audio from the video assets on premises, which addresses any concerns over data security, since the video data doesn’t leave the premises and only the audio portion goes out to the cloud-based processing.

The Metadator server, installed on client premises, communicates with the client’s internal AVID infrastructure and extracts media and securely posts it to Digital Nirvana’s cloud captioning/transcription platform over HTTPS. Once transcripts are processed and available, DN’s application fetches the data and posts it to the client’s internal infrastructure. The application is also integrated with a continuous monitoring and alerting system that monitors each job and notifies all stakeholders on the status of the jobs.

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