Es’hailSat deploys DataMiner as its new end-to-end management system

Es’hailSat is a communications satellite operator that delivers direct-to-home television services, telecommunications services, mobility services, and much more. The award-winning DataMiner platform will manage the end-to-end service delivery system at their Teleport in Doha, Qatar.

With the deployment of DataMiner at the Es’hailSat headquarters, the satellite company of Qatar is empowered with a comprehensive end-to-end visibility and control of their services. The platform manages all products and service workloads, keeping a constant eye on not only the main paths, but also the redundant ones. It detects changes in the network even before services get impacted and proactively takes actions to avoid downtime. What is more, DataMiner supports continuous innovation and enables Es’hailSat to adapt to the fast-changing industry by effortlessly integrating new products and technologies.

“We are happy with the performance of the DataMiner solution,” said Dr. Majid Al Naimi, Executive Director – Network Operations at Es’hailSat. “It provides us with the right platform to monitor and control the DTH and service delivery systems at our newly established Teleport. As we add more systems for new services, having full visibility of every piece of critical equipment within the service delivery pipeline becomes very important.”


“We’re really excited about this project at Es’hailSat. With DataMiner in place, our customer now has a true end-to-end perspective on their entire operation, across any vendor and technology boundaries,” explained Pramod Gupta, Regional Account Manager at Skyline Communications. “Their operators can easily provision, manage and monitor every single resource from just a single pane of glass, enabling them to focus on their core business. It goes without saying that unlocks tremendous opportunities. On top of that, we’ve quite an extensive client base in Doha, which means we are very familiar with the region. Es’hailSat can definitely benefit from and rely on Skyline’s expertise whenever they need.”

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Encompass Digital Media Singapore optimizes its operations with DataMiner

The company announces that Encompass, a global technology services company that delivers end-to-end video solutions to television networks, broadcasters, sports leagues and OTT service providers, has selected DataMiner to unify its operations and service assurance.

“We are extremely proud of the deployment of DataMiner at Encompass. It’s an honor to power its operations in Asia,” commented Jonathan Triboulet, Director APAC Operations at Skyline Communications. “With our local presence in Singapore, we are in a very good position to fully support Encompass’ operations.”

The project at Encompass comprises an end-to-end DataMiner system that is designed to unify operations across the entire multi-vendor infrastructure. The Singapore business unit also benefits from the DataMiner expertise of Encompass Buenos Aires. Those teams already have long-standing and vast experience in the administration and operation of the DataMiner platform, and built the system without any involvement from Skyline. Rather than deploying siloed EMS systems to manage the new infrastructure elements, DataMiner now also monitors Encompass’ new satellite infrastructure and provides full earth station uplink and downlink management.


“With over 160 channels of premium video content being managed 24×7 in APAC alone, we need to deliver superior quality of service to our clients at all times,” said Mark Wardle, VP Engineering & Operations at Encompass Singapore. “DataMiner offers a comprehensive solution that provides a “single-pane-of-glass” view of our entire complex and diverse infrastructure.”

Skyline Communications is indeed deeply rooted in the APAC region. Its office in Singapore opened in 2017, with the purpose to support its continued growth in the APAC region. Expanding its local presence across all regions demonstrates Skyline’s long-term commitment to its current and future customers, which is all about increasing the quality of service and reducing the operational costs.

“We take that commitment seriously. It’s not just about delivering a solution that’s tailored to the needs of Encompass in terms of the look and feel and automated workflows,” adds Jonathan Triboulet. “We also make sure the operations and engineering teams are fully capable and independent through our various activities around the Singapore region. Organizing training that enables our customers to take advantage of all DataMiner aspects and scheduling webinars to share our knowledge is equally important to us. Skyline’s unique expertise plays a huge role in our global success story and facilitates operations teams to manage their entire operations in an intuitive and proactive manner.”

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Qatar Media Corporation (QMC) puts their operations on the map with DataMiner

With this deployment, Skyline adds another big name to their customer list of major broadcasters around the globe.


The DataMiner system at QMC will manage their entire current broadcast network, spanning across the various different technologies such as AM, FM, DAB+, DVB-T2, UHF, VHF, and this across their transmission sites in Doha, Khissa, Shahanyia and Arish.

“At Qatar Media Corporation, we always keep up with the latest trends and evolutions in the media industry. That’s easier said than done due to the incredibly fast pace of developments and the increasing complexity of our infrastructure,” commented Mohammed Abdulaziz Ali Ibrahim Al-Emadi at QMC. “A next-generation management and orchestration platform is therefore an absolute must to ensure a future-proof and flexible operation, and DataMiner offers the best solutions on the market to give us that guarantee.”

By achieving a single-pane-of-glass monitoring perspective, QMC unlocks tremendous operational benefits. Those range from operational optimizations in problem detection and problem resolution workflows to being able to monitor and report from a service point of view instead of a pointed siloed environment.

“With DataMiner in place, QMC is ensured to live up to their viewers’ high expectations,” explained Glenn D’Haene, Sales Director for the EMEA and APAC region at Skyline Communications. “It’s becoming common knowledge in the broadcast and media industry that we deeply integrated innovative AI-powered technology into DataMiner. As such, the platform enables QMC to keep on delivering high service quality to the consumer, no matter how complex their ecosystem is or will become. And that’s invaluable in this modern and fast-changing world. Viewers don’t expect to be hindered by sudden errors or service failures anymore. It’s so important that operators are able to resolve issues before they even occur. And thanks to DataMiner, they can.”

The management role that DataMiner takes up at QMC’s operation is meant as the first step of a larger project. In time, the intention is to extend the scope to multiple other business units of QMC. The end goal: one single pane of glass to manage and see it all.

DataMiner awarded best NMS & orchestration solution at IBC

Skyline impressed the judges with the AI-powered DataMiner Augmented Operations, and demonstrates once again that the DataMiner end-to-end multi-vendor network management and orchestration solution is truly unrivaled.

“Skyline’s extremely happy with this prestigious award. This is the result of our continuous and relentless efforts to redefine how broadcast and media companies can manage and orchestrate their entire operation end to end, literally across any vendor and technology boundaries, and to continue to be a real trail blazer. And that’s one of the many reasons that so many broadcast and media companies around the world partner up with Skyline,” commented Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “The fact that we have that track record of continuous innovation, combined with the fact that we are a truly vendor-independent partner of our customers, which eliminates all potential conflicts of interest, is of huge strategic value for broadcast and media companies. In today’s changing environments, it is so essential to constantly adapt and integrate new emerging technologies on the fly in a true devops style. Our DataMiner provides that ability, along with many other strategical advantages.”

Skyline’s DataMiner is the only NMS and OSS platform on the market that leverages state-of-the-art big data and artificial intelligence technology. At IBC 2018, the spotlight was put on DataMiner Augmented Operations, which truly unlocks proactive management. The cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is built into the core of the network management fabric and creates an omnipresent intelligent entity that is particularly designed to operate in a highly contextual and real-time fashion. There’s no doubt that these innovative DataMiner features made the decision of the CSI Awards judges much easier.

Norkring takes a leap forward with DataMiner

Norkring, part of the Telenor Broadcast holding and a leading provider of broadcasting services in Norway, operates one of the largest networks in Europe. They offer a wide range of services, including DTT and DAB, along with tailored video contribution services and IP connectivity solutions. DataMiner spans across all Norkring’s operational platforms, providing a single pane of glass to manage and control every single active component and each of the many thousands of services.

The solution comprises 24 DataMiner virtual compute nodes, forming a single consolidated and highly available DataMiner System that collects data around the clock from over 16000 network and processing products and more than 1000 physical locations spread across a vast territory. This includes products and systems of more than 130 different types and brands and with a wide variety of protocol interfaces, including both industry-standard interfaces and vendor-specific interfaces. The enormous amount of continuously collected operational data is processed by DataMiner in real time for sophisticated fault and performance management. DataMiner Service Management provides on-the-fly translation into actual service impact information, by mapping the data dynamically on more than 5000 services running across all of the platforms. The solution provides the team of over 20 operators with an instant end-to-end service-oriented perspective on their entire operation, transparently across any vendor and technology boundaries.

From an OSS perspective, Norkring also settled for nothing less than the best. For example, the provisioning of the DataMiner System is entirely automated by means of a comprehensive integration with the Norkring centralized Inventory & Asset Management platform. As new assets are populated in the Inventory & Asset Management platform and evolve through different stages from a test to a live production status, they are fully automatically instantiated and enabled in the DataMiner platform. In addition, the Norkring Trouble Ticket platform and other OSS tools have been fully integrated into DataMiner, enabling a highly automated and very efficient operational workflow.

As a result, with the single pane of glass provided by DataMiner, Norkring operators are able to manage their services end to end. They can also easily create and manage trouble tickets to drive the field staff, and they can see auxiliary data related to weather conditions on remote locations, the real-time on-site presence of field staff, upcoming planned activities, and much more. Furthermore, Norkring also leverages the DataMiner Automation Engine capabilities to automate and streamline operational procedures and to further enhance the availability of its network services. This covers a wide range of applications, such as automated procedures for DAB disaster recovery, DTT time synching, automated power cycles on failed products, etc.

“At Norkring, we operate one of the largest networks in Europe. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about: our operators have to watch over 1294 DAB stations, 2542 DTT station services, over 1000 contribution station services, more than 1000 IP communication links connecting critical services (for mobile network backbones, for example), and much more. This also includes one of the world’s largest media networks, consisting of more than 800 nodes. And this across a vast territory, where we have to consider several factors, such as the effects of some very extreme weather conditions,” commented Inge Fagerbakke, COO and Operations Director at Norkring. “While designing and operating this kind of network is already a significant challenge and undertaking by itself, you also have to consider that at Norkring, when it comes to service quality and availability, we strive for perfection. The investment in this state-of-the-art end-to-end network management platform, which literally spans across our entire operation and also tightly integrates with all the key OSS platforms, underlines our firm commitment to our customers in terms of service quality and availability. We were very ambitious right from the start of this project, and a rigorous evaluation of the network management platforms available in the market demonstrated that Skyline’s DataMiner platform was the best solution to match our ambitions.”


“The Norkring operation is truly impressive, both in scale and in terms of technology, and it is a great honor for Skyline to be selected for this prestigious and ambitious project. It was a perfect opportunity for us to leverage and showcase a wide range of the exclusive features and capabilities of our end-to-end multi-vendor DataMiner network management platform,” added Ben Vandenberghe, CEO at Skyline Communications. “The result truly shines in its simplicity. Just think about it: one single screen provides operators with full real-time visibility on thousands of complex broadcast, data and IT services, running right across and through many thousands of products from so many different vendors across a vast geographical territory. With a few clicks, those operators can instantly drill down to every single reading and control on any of those services and products. And what’s more, within that same interface, they can manage trouble tickets and instantly consult contextual data, such as staff being on site, local weather conditions and much more. This implementation is a real benchmark for the industry and it demonstrates the tremendous added value of the cutting-edge multi-vendor DataMiner network management platform.”

The French Parliament, Assemblée Nationale, selects DataMiner as their end-to-end monitoring and orchestration platform

Skyline’s award-winning NMS/OSS platform manages the complete media exchange network of the lower house of the French Parliament end to end.


“We’re very pleased the Assemblée Nationale has selected DataMiner to control, monitor and orchestrate the audiovisual workflows of the MediorNet Riedel platform. Those products manage the multiplexing and distribution of signals, whatever the format, be it SD/HD, SDI, DPI, IP, analog, and so on,” commented Alexis Luherne, Regional Account Manager for France and North Africa at Skyline Communications. “Our DataMiner platform gives the Assemblée a global and unified overview of their entire operation, which is not as clear-cut as it may sound, since the ecosystem concerns a complex and variegated multi-vendor product environment. However, being the only NMS/OSS system on the market that provides complete service management regardless of vendor or model, this poses no problem for DataMiner. The system allows an unconditional and unconstrained integration, no matter the interface or protocol.”

DataMiner’s extreme resilience also applies to time; it guarantees to be future-proof, which is an essential feature, as media workflows are constantly evolving. Thanks to the capability to adhere to established as well as new technology and industry standards, the Assemblée can easily extend the DataMiner platform to their future projects. The platform not only smoothly manages legacy equipment, but also UIP and virtualized routers and infrastructures. On top of that, it simplifies and automates the media workflows, with end-to-end monitoring and control, effectively reducing the operational workload while maximizing resource utilization.

“Every single one of our meetings is recorded and stored. With inputs from all the different rooms at the Assemblée coming directly from the camera, the signals are then multiplexed through the MediorNet Micron Riedel products. By deploying DataMiner as our new solution to manage and orchestrate our operation in Paris, our operators can now effectively monitor and control it end to end. And all that with just a single pane of glass,” added Christian Castelli, Audiovisual System Engineer at the Assemblée Nationale. “We are now able to instantly drill down to every single service and parameter with just a few clicks and control any of our products.”

Skyline’s DataMiner genuinely redefines operational environments by changing the way operators manage their ever more complex ecosystems. The number one NMS/OSS solution enables complete end-to-end integration and makes sure media flows are governed thoughtfully to make them available when and where required. Skyline also continues to massively invest in artificial intelligence, making DataMiner an indispensable real-time AI-powered assistance to operators of critical infrastructures. Proactive management is therefore another inherent aspect of the platform; rather than having to resolve issues, DataMiner prevents them, thus denying problems the chance to even occur. These state-of-the-art features will undoubtedly further strengthen Skyline’s position as the global leader of the industry.

DataMiner powers Nova Systems’ new AgileSat Mobility Planning Tool

Nova Systems, an Australian-owned and -operated international technology enabler, has selected the platform as the foundation of their new ‘AgileSat Mobility Planning’ toolset.

The choice for the award-winning DataMiner Solution is based on its extensively proven capability and wider success for the maritime VSAT sector as well as the satellite, broadcasting, cable, telco and mobile industry.

The DataMiner NMS/OSS platform enables the customer to implement tailored solutions on the fly, which results in a highly efficient process of striving towards the highest possible operational excellence. It has extremely customizable user interfaces that are intuitive, very graphical and perfectly suited to the situational awareness and high-tempo demands of any network operations center.

Picture by Nova Systems

“DataMiner is immensely versatile and adapts seamlessly to the operational needs of Nova Systems,” commented Naveendran Murthy, Sales Manager APAC at Skyline Communications. “The system offers complete independence from any technology and any vendor, today and in the future, as the system is guaranteed to interface with any type of product regardless of protocol or supplier, including both hardware and software products, and including both on-premises and off-premises products.”

With DataMiner, the AgileSat tool was able to focus on enabling effective satcom mobility. It addresses new-generation satellite systems running on high-rate, high-mobility applications. They include communications-on-the-move (COTM), multi-satellite maritime satcom, drone video backhaul, telemedicine video and agile secure network extensions, at both ends of the satellite link, for both the central NOC and the new field user.

By integrating DataMiner, the Nova Systems’ tool can significantly simplify the addition of commercial satcom capacity to an existing national satcom capability. On top of that, Skyline’s platform also controls and monitors the entire operational ecosystem, serving as the single pane of glass for end-to-end orchestration. Nova Systems can make full use of the DataMiner system thanks to their fleet of qualified DataMiner in-house engineers who are trained to tailor the system to user-specific needs and ever-growing data networks.

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