The RTS chooses StudioTalk to video broadcast its radio programmes

The Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) is a public service audiovisual company, owned by the media group SSR (Swiss Broadcasting and Television Corporation), which offers programmes on four radio channels, two TV channels and numerous digital platforms.

Studio for the “Forum” show at RTS

“The RTS project uses all the strengths of StudioTalk, whether in production, channel branding, monitoring or distribution. Working hand in hand, we were able to make our solution evolve to meet their needs,” comments Olivier Waty, Workflows and Media Solutions Director at BCE.

StudioTalk, a solution developed by Broadcasting Centre Europe (BCE), is a complete solution for live and non-live video production with the management of the editorial content of the shows, the channel branding and the sets as well as the broadcasting of the programmes on any platform.

Stéphan_Mahrer“We needed to take a new step with “Forum”, and we were looking for a solution that could offer us all the tools we needed to make television from the same interface. StudioTalk was the answer.” Explains Stéphan Mahrer, Responsable mise en image des productions radio at RTS.

In order to enrich the user experience on the Internet and on social networks, it was important for RTS to shoot its most important radio programmes, namely “La matinale” and “Forum”. Using StudioTalk, RTS creates real talkshows, broadcast these on their website, on social networks and especially on television.

“For StudioTalk users, it’s very easy to find all the tools they need to do their production, whether it’s Picture in Picture, enrichment or the management of the screens on the set. The user also has the option to switch to the automatic production mode to perform another task during a broadcast and then regain control in due course,” adds Stéphan Mahrer.

More than an advanced production solution, StudioTalk also allows the RTS to monitor its equipment via a real-time monitoring interface of all the elements of their workflow.

Philippe_Staehlin“In StudioTalk, we have access to a technical supervision that usually appears on more expensive systems. This allows us to have an overview of the services and monitor the operations. This will allow a person to perform complex support tasks even for a Level 1 intervention support, restarting one or another system to ensure its availability during live production.” Explains Philippe Staehlin, Chef Secteur Systèmes Broadcast at RTS.

BCE has also supported the RTS teams in the integration of their new studio. The solution has been customized to meet the customer’s expectations. Working hand in hand, RTS and BCE made the solution evolve and to allow any employee, with a technical background or not, to use the solution easily.

StudioTalk at RTS

“In this project, what was really important for us was the relationship with BCE, we found a real partner with whom we made our show and our tool evolve at the same time.” Concludes Stéphan Mahrer.

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BNJ FM goes visual with StudioTalk

Broadcasting three radio programmes for the counties of Neuchâtel, the Jura and the Bernese Jura in Switzerland, BNJ FM focuses on proximity information, concerns and interests of the population of the Swiss Jura ARC. The general-interest, pop-rock music radio reception is done via FM, DAB +, web and via mobile applications.


StudioTalk will enable the radio to get a complete video production infrastructure within its actual studios, ensure the live production of the daily shows and distribute the streams to the radio website as well as its social networks.

StudioTalk is BCE’s all-in-one solution to produce shows, manage content, add special effects, control sets and broadcast programs. Thanks to an intuitive Graphic User Interface, a touchscreen and a dedicated remote, the customer can control the cameras, the feeds and the studio sets. It embarks a content management system as well and on the fly transcoding for immediate delivery to the viewers.

“Watching radio is the next move for the media market. StudioTalk provides BNJ FM with solutions which match their radio know-how while delivering broadcast quality programs” explains Olivier Waty, Technology & Project Director at BCE.

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750,000 tennis fans tune in to the All England Club’s first live ‘Visual Radio’ streams at The Championships

The All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), hosts of The Championships and known for its signature mix of historic tradition and innovation, has streamed live audio coverage of matches to social media for the first time, registering almost 750,000 views and generating direct engagement with just under 60,000 fans.

The Wimbledon Radio Channel, Wimbledon’s live radio broadcast of The Championships, produced by IMG and encoded by official technology partner IBM, was delivered to Facebook using Visual Radio, a new component of the browser-based production platform Grabyo Producer. The rich listening experience displays custom graphics and animations on an audio frame, and enables radio distribution to Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube as well as websites and mobile apps. Viewers are then able to discuss the action with other listeners through comments or posts, connecting the wider fanbase and community.

Using Facebook Live, fans of The Championships were able to listen to the ladies’ final between Serena Williams and Angelique Kerber, the men’s semi-final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal and the men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Kevin Anderson. These live match streams received almost 60,000 comments, shares and reactions from fans, hosted on the Wimbledon Facebook page.

Alexandra Willis, Head of Communications, Content & Digital, The AELTC, said: “The popularity of the Wimbledon Radio Channel across our Visual Radio broadcasts exceeded all expectations. The Wimbledon Radio Channel performs incredibly strongly across and our official apps, and to be able to extend that audience is fantastic. 500,000 people alone listened to the Nadal-Djokovic semi-final which demonstrates our commitment to offering the best access for our fans to enjoy The Championships and engage with our content, and we believe the response shows we have achieved this.”

The popularity of live streaming on social media has increased exponentially in recent years and sports has been a major part of this growth, sports fans want to feel connected to each sporting moment as it happens. Visual Radio from Grabyo meets this demand, enabling production teams to manage multiple live audio streams collaboratively in the cloud, publishing directly to social and mobile platforms that do not offer options for radio broadcasting.

Visual Radio publishers have the added option of activating campaigns for sponsors and media partners. Grabyo’s Producer platform allows users to insert branded graphics, animations or visualisations into the stream. Editors can also insert crowd-sourced comments, conduct live polls with fans and layer imagery and data within the frame to deliver a highly-engaging experience for listeners.

Gareth Capon, Grabyo CEO, said: “We developed Visual Radio to meet the growing demand from fans for live audio broadcasts on mobile and social platforms. Building participation and community features into the product was important, fans want to feel involved with the action whilst communicating with each other. This service also creates new opportunities for brands to connect with different audiences beyond traditional TV. The AELTC has led the way in what is an exciting new step for audio streaming, and we expect Visual Radio to play a major role in live social content in the future.”

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RTL Radio chooses StudioTalk

“The transition to high quality Visual Radio was one of the objectives for the new studios. StudioTalk is a modular solution that can meet the needs for optimized operations with the production automation, but which also allows to meet the needs of television production, thanks to the manual controls, the servers and graphics stations management with high-end cameras” explains Mathias Bejanin, technical director, Groupe M6.

StudioTalk, the one touch production solution, is a all-in-one software which allows the production of television shows, the creation and control of the studio branding and sets, the management of content and the broadcast and distribution to multiple screens.


RTL Radio was looking for a solution which would be simple to use, allow live production and deliver content to make it available afterwards on their website and replay platform. The optimised user interface (UI) allows fast high quality productions with almost no learning curve. StudioTalk flexible system welcomes up to 20 different inputs, live feeds, pc, videos etc… for live production on TV and Internet.

RTL Radio can choose whether to supervise the production of its shows or to switch to automatic production with the detection of the speakers and active scene change. With the integrated branding and sets management, RTL Radio is able to create unlimited sets and apply them in real-time during its productions.

With the advanced video clip management, the operator can easily interact during the shows with featured content or simply follow the established playlist. Thanks to its fast distribution platform, StudioTalk broadcasts live to RTL Radio website and stores the videos for on demand features on the replay platforms of the customer.

“What is interesting about StudioTalk, is to be able to produce quality programs that meet the requirements and standards of broadcast and professional production, with very light products,” explains Michel Nougué, Directeur de Marque,Groupe M6.

On the system integration side, BCE France installed the three new studios of RTL Radio. Equipped with cameras, RTL radio can produce dynamic shows in manual or automatic mode. Each studio has multiple televisions to screen the animated sets coming from StudioTalk.


The control rooms feature the best of both radio and TV world, with standard radio equipments and StudioTalk single touch-screen interface to manage the complete production workflow.


With StudioTalk, BCE is re-defining TV production with a flexible infrastructure which suits easily any activities. With a low learning curve the solution gives access to broadcast quality productions and 360° distribution on TV, radio and Internet.

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Fun Radio selects StudioTalk

Since December, Fun Radio broadcasts from its new studio located at Neuilly Sur Seine. BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe) was selected for the integration of a visual radio solution (StudioTalk) as well as the studio equipment installation.

“Studiotalk offers a wide variety of graphic enrichment features that give high-end results. Easily installed, the software allows the configuration of numerous setups both in terms of production and branding. It is easily accessible with or without dedicated resource, in automatic mode and manual mode. So there is a real opportunity to make visual radio in a very qualitative way.” explains Michel Nougue, Directeur de la Marque et de l’Autopromotion, Groupe M6.

BCE’s Visual radio solution ensures the convergence between radio and TV with a multiplatform distribution, while equipping the client with a production system and a broadcast solution.


Through an intuitive graphical interface, Fun Radio studio has been perfectly integrated into the solution and allows, via touch controls, to manage the realization of the program, the cameras, microphones, sets and secondary events. Fun Radio may also choose to switch to automatic mode with a production which follows the interactions and automatically switch the cameras.

“StudioTalk meets Fun Radio ambitious expectations. The excellent cooperation with BCE and the modular approach of the solution allowed Fun Radio teams to understand all the features of the tool following the needs of the editorial teams. We will continue to enrich the features of StudioTalk which will allow them to go even further in the layout and staging of their shows.” Olivier Waty, Technology and Project Director, BCE.

The graphics and animations of the customer have been integrated in StudioTalk, the station manager can use them live. This solution of Visual radio also offers a monitoring in real time of all the studio equipment (cameras, monitors, servers, computers, etc.) thus allowing the customer to identify immediately possible incidents and change the production accordingly.

BCE France took care of the studio system integration by installing the control rooms and main positions (speaker table, TCR, DJ, Production…) as well as the equipment (cameras, screens, table mixer, computers, servers, loudspeakers…). BCE France also carried out the wiring of the studio and led the different workers to meet the launch deadline.

“StudioTalk has the advantage of being a solution that can be easily operated by all the users after a short training, even if they have never used video equipment before. The management of the different functions through a single interface, including the content of the scenery screens, makes it very simple to use. Trust and results leads to new projects, after Fun Radio, it’s the turn of the new studios of RTL and soon RTL2 to be equipped with StudioTalk.” Concluded François Lavigne, responsable des projets video du pôle radio, RTL, Fun Radio, RTL2.

In the following months, StudioTalk will be enriched with elements of graphic design and essential features for Fun Radio, such as the synchronization with the radio running order and the management of video playlists.

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